'Arduino' – The Most Popular Way to Control Robots

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There are many ways to control robots. This article will discuss the most popular method currently used in the world, the 'Arduino'. What the 'Arduino' is actually very simple. It is simply a physical computing platform for performing useful tasks, when interfaced (connected) to a computer. 'Arduino' is an open source project, which means capable people in the robotics field can contribute and further improve the 'Arduino'.

Benefits of using the 'Arduino' environment is that it is very user friendly. Anyone with zero level of electronics and programming skills can now learn to program robots. By the way, when it is mentioned that programming robots, this means that writing certain amount of codes to the 'microcontroller' of the robot. Note that the 'microcontroller' acts like the brain for the robot.

Basically, when someone uses 'Arduino' to control robots, that means he or she is using the software called 'Arduino IDE', in which 'IDE' means Integrated Development Environment. This program has been developed extensively and is free of charge. In other words, it is a freeware. To write codes, one will learn the 'Arduino' programming language. Actually, it is largely based on the already well known 'C ++ programming language'. If you have programming skills or experience in the past, programming robots using 'Arduino' is a breeze for you.

'Arduino' is so famous, until it is widely manufactured and sometimes fabricated in multiple versions by third party manufacturers. They have gained wide spread popularity through out the years since the last five years. I think the 'Arduino' is definitely a growing gem in the eyes of the world today. Check it out and see it for yourself, if you really are a robotics fan.

Source by Alfred Chai Wei Liang

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