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IOT stands for Internet of things. The Internet of things refers to the new concept in the IT world according to which everything is to be connected to the internet. Means that if a problem occurs in any part then the solutions should be available automatically for that problem. This is a new technology in the market. and the demand for the experts in this technology is increasing day by day. Nowadays many courses are present on the internet on IT. These courses help you to understand about the internet of things in a better way and can resolve your queries. So in this article, we are going to talk about IT courses and what should we look into them.

The Content of IOT Training Courses:

This technology contains various fields of IT sector together. One major and new field it works with is automation and this is very helpful. different topics that are covered under the IT courses are as follows:

1. Technologies:

The Internet of things combines various new and old technologies together. So this course contains knowledge about the new and old technologies so that nothing is left behind.

2. Automation:

Automation is the technique of doing work through automatic control. It could be anything that contains minimal human touch and mostly intelligent machines. This means that we have to create smart machines in the automation and automation is an important part of the internet of things.

3. You will also get to know about various applications of IOT in our present scenarios.

4. Various IT frameworks that enable to create large databases on which our IT works.

5. Various practice questions for practical implementation of IT.

As this is a new technology so there need to be hardware requirements for this technology to implement on. so the course should also contain about the hardware technologies.

The basic knowledge of the following hardware is also included in the course:

1. Programming the Arduino devices

2. Working with Raspberry Pi Boards

3. Working with Intel Galileo

4. Working with ESP8266, Minnow Board, Beagle Bone etc.

The IOT training courses should be taken by the people who are related to the IT sector and the developer who knows about Core Programming and the automation.

After the course, there is certification present that can be added to your resumes so that it can help you in getting a good job.

The certification exam is about 1 hour. There will be 50 MCQs in the exam and at least 25 questions need to be attempted correctly to pass the exam.

After passing the certification the candidate receives the hard copy of the certificate in 7-10 working days. The candidate also receives a soft copy of the certificate.

So IOT training courses can help you to get a better job and this technology is emerging rapidly in the market. so there are limitless opportunities in this field. so there is no need to wait for a right moment just find a course that suits you.

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