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Woodworking will give you a wonderful feeling of pride and satisfaction. When you take on any size project and complete it, there is no better feeling then a job well done, and you did it.

Start with a small project first, bird houses are a popular project. You can hang some shelves in your garage or basement to put your tools on.
That is what woodworking is all about. Taking on a project from making something new or repairing something old.

The best part is anyone can do woodworking. Young, old, male, female from every lifestyle.

I wanted to make a list of tools that can help you with most projects. These are suggestions and not every tool has to be purchased immediately. Take your time and find out what tools you may use more then others.

A good starter tool set you will want to have a selection of hand tools and a decent power drill. With these items, you will be able to start and complete many diy woodworking projects.

I recommend that you inspect the finish of your hand tools. It pays in the end to purchase quality tools if possible. Do not go into debt, buying the most expensive tools. Just a few quality tools will be fine.

Usually a quality hand toll is made of high-carbon steel and is machined with clean-cut metal surfaces. It is always wise to make sure the handle of the tools are tight and not flimsy, also they should feel comfortable in your hand.

Start your collection of tools with a as need attitude. As you become more comfortable with woodworking and would like to tackle a more complicated project then invest in what tools you may need.

The benefit of investing in quality tools made by reputable manufactures, they always carry a full parts and labor warranty. This can be a huge savings. Cheaper tools will usually break and have to be replaced.

When you buy any power tools the horsepower, cutting capacity and motor speed is what you are looking for. Do not buy the most powerful or big power tool it is not necessary.

Neverheless, like hand tools quality matters. Check for roller or ball bearings instead of sleeve bearings. You want a good heavy-duty trigger switch and reinforced power cord.

Here is a list of basic tools that you will able to start any woodworking project with

Framing square plumb bob / chalk line
Combination square nail sets
Wallboard saw electric stud finder
Crosscut saw utility knife
16 oz claw hammer putty knife
Phillips screwdriver cats paw
Standard screwdriver wonder bar
Sanding block chisel
2 foot carpenters level T-level
C-clamp 12-foot tape measure
H horsepower drill with bits mallet
Cordless screwdriver

Finally when looking for a tool box the ones made of plastic or metal are good investments. They are lightweight and durable. Also tool boxes that come with cantilevered trays and divided compartments will keep your tools and materials organized much better.

With these basic tools and an idea, you can do any woodworking diy project of your choice.

Source by Billy Suffolk

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