Build a Do It Yourself, Homemade Metal Detector

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Making your own metal detector is definitely not an easy project, but there are designs out there and available for those folks out there who possess the necessary knowledge and skills. Hey, if you're an electrical engineer and you can look at those circuit diagrams and figure with ease what the voltage is on the other side of those two capacitors and that resistor, probably building that homemade metal detector will be no big problem for you . Maybe you will design the latest and greatest new metal detector and we will all want to purchase one from you. On the other hand, if you've never assembled even the simplest electronic project before, and do not know the difference between a resistor and a transistor, you're going to be in for a whole lot of big trouble and headaches.

The project has a lot of issues of practical versus impractical; experience and knowledge versus ignorance, etc. Can it be done? Can you build your own metal detector? There is no question, yes it can be done. If you are thinking of such a project, take some time to just learn more of the basics about how a metal detector works.

So lets consider the hard facts and get real: if you have no electronic skills and do not regularly build this type of electronics project, will building a metal detector be practical? The honest answer is: Probably not. It's basically a case where if you do not have experience with electronics and know exactly what you're doing, you'd be better off working at McDonald's on weekends because you would probably earn the money before you bought a detector before you would get a homemade one built, tested and working properly. I actually had an electrical engineering class in college – so I know a little something – but I freely admit I'm no electrical engineer and personally I would never seriously consider trying to build my own metal detector – but those are just my thoughts. I'm not trying to discourage you; I'm just trying to be practical and reasonable.

On the other hand, if you are really serious, and have the requisite experience, tools and all the testing equipment necessary to build such a project, I am providing a website that will provide you the schematic circuit diagram plans and design you need. You can also purchase a pre-printed board for the project from the web site author. He also has loads of information on metal detectors in general. Will the finished metal detector be every bit as good as the best ones for sale in the metal detector shop? Probably not, but they definitely do work. I wish you the very best of luck in your efforts, and if you do take this path and succeed, send me an email.
Here is the web site with the plans and design to build your own metal detector. I'd ignore the designs for historic types of detectors such as the BFO type units. There are both PI (Pulse Induction) and VLF (Induction balance) detectors described here.

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