Metered Rackmount Powerstrips for Total Power Monitoring

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Rackmount powerstrips are an indispensable part of any server room setting. Due to their huge demand in many different sectors today, manufacturers have introduced a lot of innovative models. Most of these have great additional features apart from the basic qualities of serving as power outputs. Today, there are monitored, switched, remote controlled and metered varieties among many others that cater to the needs of specific requirements of consumers. Of these, the metered strips are very popular. The reason for their huge demand is the ability to know if a server is pulling more power than it should cause a powerstrip overload and unintended shutdown of the servers. The rising trend to get a precise measurement of IT load. This is incidentally the key ingredient in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Metered rackmount powerstrips facilitate proper outlet level power monitoring for exceptional power consumption visibility. These are so efficient that apart from providing information about the aggregate current draw across an entire PDU, they can also be used to evaluate power draw of the individual devices connected to them. This phenomenon of checking power consumption in individual outlet is known as remote outlet monitoring. Metered rackmount powerstrips also assist in switched outlet monitoring. This means that you can measures power consumption at individual outputs and then also go remote reboot or power cycling of connected servers.

There are many online catalogs that show several metered rackmount powerstrips and options. Correspondingly, you can choose the one that suit your needs as well as your budget. Power is a critical resource and an expensive reality, so to optimize your power backup, distribution, and measurement use the appropriate rackmount powerstrips for all your power needs.

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