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If you are an avid woodworking buff and have completed many projects around the house what about turning your hobby into a business. There is a big demand for quality hand crafted woodwork and if you are any good you will soon build up a regular clientele and business. There is no reason that your hobby could not be a full time business eventually. If you have the work shop space and the necessary tools and the working skills and love woodworking then why not make it your life.

Furniture hand crafted in solid wood is always in big demand. You will find that your customers like to see a bit of quality in their furniture and are not impressed with craft wood and ply pieces that are on offer. That is why pieces imported from places like Mexico that are made from solid timber are so popular. Some of that style of furniture does not travel very well and the importer often finds it has to employ someone to repair many pieces in his shipment.

So you will find that local pieces will be very popular. Check around and see what is a good seller and try and develop a similar style of furniture. Once you get your name established and your pieces are recognized for their consistent quality you will be away. So you are going to have to start part time at first to test the market. You could advertise your pieces in the local paper or on supermarket notice boards or even take them to flea markets. Once you are established your customers will come to you and word of mouth will soon give you all the orders you can handle.

You could even find a local retailer who would take your pieces on consignment until you get established. That way you will not need the storage or display area at home and your stuff is out there in front of the buying public. Just one thing before you get too big and established. You need to check with your local authorities for the necessary permits etc. and that will save you getting into trouble down the track.

Check out some woodworking plans and patterns for some furniture ideas. Sometimes you will modify them to create your own unique style but the basic plans will give you a base to work too. If this sounds like a lifestyle that suits you get started now and you will soon be on your way.

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