One Terabyte of Storage on the Dell All-In-One Desktop – Tons of Space!

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With one terabyte of storage on the Dell All-in-One desktop, you're going to be able to store just about as much information as you could possibly want. If you love your music and have hundreds of gigs worth (which equates to thousands of thousands of songs) this drive is still going to have more than enough space. A terabyte hard drive is approximately equal to 1,000 gigs. Most hard drives in laptops nowdays have around 320 gigs. The average desktop has approximately 500 gigs in it. With this free dell all in one, you're going to have a full terabyte of hard drive space.

Not only do you have tons of disc space, you're also getting the convenience that an all in one desktop can provide. Most computer systems consist of two separate parts. One of them displays the information that the computer generates. This is known as the monitor. The other part is the tower which generates all of the information. Having two separate parts not only takes up more space, it also means that there are going to be many cords. With an all in one system, the monitor and computer itself are in one unit. Most people can not even tell the difference between a regular monitor and a regular PC as the all in ones can be very small.

With a free Dell all in one you're also getting good quality components inside of your computer. Dell is one of the largest manufacturers of computers out there. They've been around for decades. When a company has lived for that many years you know that they put out quality products. Plus, due to their large number of customers, you're going to be able to ask all of your friends about their products. Not only that, but your friends should be able to help you if you have any problems with your computer, not that you should expect any!

The free Dell Inspiron One can also be hooked up to external monitors. This means that if your all in one is equipped with a Blu-Ray drive you'll be able to hook it up to your TV. No longer will you have to buy standalone Blu-ray players, your computer can do its job and more. You can even hook up your all in one to your TV for daily tasks performed on the computer, such as writing up a report or watching Hulu. Bigger is almost always better!

A Dell One free is pretty much the ultimate in convenience. Not only do you get a fully fledged computer in a compact space, you're also going to get a Blu-Ray player, a YouTube player, and a myriad of other things. All in one PCs are very popular too, so you will not have to feel alone when you purchase your PC!

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