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Wood is a rough material which can give birth to very elaborate patterns and items, if it is crafted with patience and attention for details. Woodworking can be assimilated to an art when the resulting items feature details and are extremely refined. In order to come to craft such items, you have to go through woodworking designs of various level of difficulty. That is also one of the best parts of woodworking: it is accessible to any person, regardless of how familiar or gifted it is for such a craft.

Here are some examples of woodworking designs you can craft, if you are passionate about this activity. They are presented starting with the simplest ones, which do not require previous experience in wood crafting.

o The simplest designs in wood are most likely those made through cutting. They require basic drawing and cutting skills. Even if drawing is not among your strengths, you can still go for this kind of designs, by simply transferring them on the piece of wood from a picture, with the help of transparent paper. After the drawing is ready, cut it out, by following the outline. For this kind of project it is recommended to use thin plywood and some sharp little saws. After cutting, you can go on embellishing the woodworking designs you have made by painting and drawing on them. Through this technique, you can craft wall and door hanging decoration items or smaller wooden shapes to use for embellishing other items. For example, you can create flowers and glue them on a wood photo frame.

o Intricate designs require some advanced skills in woodworking and are usually made through carving. This kind of woodworking designs can also go from simple like basic shapes (circles, squares, hearts, stars etc.) to complex patterns like floral garlands or even scenes or landscapes. The latter require a lot of attention for details and focus. Thus, the best intricate designs are made using sharp cutting tools. Sometimes, additional devices are used for even a more beautiful effect. One such device can be the pyrographer, which helps the crafter make extremely detailed patterns with a fine touch.

o Through the use of a special device called lathe, one can create round shaped woodworking designs. The lathe is used for turning a stock of wood at a certain speed and by applying a certain pressure on it, depending on its size. By using this technique, one can obtain cylindrical and round items like table legs, bawls, cups, sculptures.

o Intarsia woodworking is one of the finest arts made in wood. It consists in creating mosaics made of wood and gluing them into wooden support. Intarsia woodworking designs require advanced carving and painting skills. It can lead to the creation of complex scenes, landscapes and even portraits. Creating intarsia designs is a highly creative craft, but even if you are not an imaginative person, and have the skills required for performing it, you can still enjoy its benefits, by taking ready-made patterns as guidelines.

These are the main methods you can go for in order to create woodworking designs. Choose one, upon your skills, preferences and talent in crafting wood.

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