Cost and Quality: Samsung’s Ideal Entry-Level Laser Printer

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Laser printers are widely known for superb print quality; however, it is also a common notion that they are quite expensive. While expectations of a steep price may be proven true in most cases, Samsung has succeeded in creating an exception. The Samsung CLP315 printer has been made with a strict focus on budget. Instead of offering a top-of-the-line contender once again, which of course entails a premium price, the renowned company opted to provide an entry-level solution for consumers. Still, even with a low price tag, a laser must still have enough features to be considered an excellent deal.

As printers are discussed, print quality must be given sufficient focus. The Samsung CLP315 printer does not disappoint in this aspect. Constantly providing clear and crisp prints, despite being priced at just a little more than $100, makes such an offering by Samsung truly a gift for consumers with a limited budget. Aside from being able to handle document printing with superb quality, color printing is also accomplished with potentially the same quality as other more expensive laser printers in the market. It must be noted however, that due to the printer’s small frame, the maximum document dimensions supported are those of a legal sized paper.

While the printer’s small size may be seen as a limitation in certain aspects, it is important to point out that it may also be regarded as a space-saving benefit. Conventional laser printers take up a significant amount of space; while this may not be a problem in the context of large corporate spaces, home-based users, as well as small businesses, with limited room would definitely welcome a compact printing solution. Furthermore, while the printer is definitely low-priced, it may still easily be mistaken for an expensive one. With a simple yet stylish black body, and a glossy top cover, its aesthetics mimic those of Samsung’s high-end solutions.

On the other hand, the Samsung CLP315 printer, potentially due to its price, cannot achieve the same print speed as its more expensive counterparts. For plain documents, the printer could print at a rate of 16PPM; as for colored prints, 4PPM is most likely the best rate that the printer will achieve. Clearly though, given that the printer is aimed towards the budget segment, consumers who would purchase the printer are not likely to expect the fastest printing speeds. For such a niche, printing costs are more of a concern. Fortunately, using the Samsung CLP315 toner consumers expecting low-cost printing would not be disappointed.

Overall, Samsung’s budget laser printer offering is truly a gem among laser printers. Catering to a budget segment often overlooked, as laser printers are commonly geared towards upper tier consumers such as corporations, Samsung has become successful in proving that laser printers need not be limited to such crowds. Given the price of the printer, consumers with a greater than average printing need previously stuck on inkjet printers might now be able to consider transitioning into laser printer technology. Without a doubt, Samsung’s CLP315 laser printer heralds the age of low-cost laser printing options for the masses.

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