Problems With Connecting Two Wireless Routers in the Same House

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If you have a big house or an office that requires you to share your Internet connection over a large distance then you might need to connect to wireless routers to distribute the connection. This happened to me recently when I wanted to access a clear Internet connection out in my garage. Connecting two Wireless Routers was the only solution for me.

We all know that you could just plug both routers in and start using them but you will soon find out that this will cause problems between the two wireless routers.

One of the main problems that I noticed when having both routers in the same house is that you need to switch connections if you move from one end of the house to the other. This annoyed me to no end as I like walking around with my laptop. I would be in the middle of something and realized that my connection had dropped and was trying to connect to the other network. Sometimes I would be in the middle of editing something online and all my updates would be lost because of switching between the two Wireless Routers.

When this problem occurred, it would also change my IP address, which would also cause problems when trying to share files or connect to other computers by Remote Desktop. I really needed to sort out how to use more than one Wireless Router in the same house.

It was pure laziness that had put me in this situation because making two Wireless Routers work together was not really that hard. It was simply a matter of taking the time and effort to ensure that the two routers would work together nicely.

I had two choices when connecting two Wireless Routers in the same house:

1. One was connecting the two Wireless Routers using client mode. This method is not that great because it can reduce your Internet connection speeds. Another downfall to this method is that the further away the second router readers, the worse the connection gets. This made me search for another option to solve my problem.

2. The next option was to connect the two routers using bridging. This method is a little bit more involved but works the best and also does not reduce the speed of the Internet connection. It can get a little bit technical but with some good instructions I believe that anyone can make this work. Fixing this problem is not hard you just need to find out how to do it.

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