What to Look for in a Netbook

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We see a lot of people nowdays who are bringing these mini laptops around. These are called netbooks. These are small, portable devices that are used for surfing the internet or are used for making basic spreadsheets and documents. They usually come in 10.1 "screens and some have a larger screen size that can go up to 11". These netbooks have the Atom processor, 1 GB of RAM and also 160 GB of hard drive. Now, there is a new processor in the market called the Atom N550 processor, this will make your computer run and perform faster compared to the old processor.

When you are shopping for netbooks, portability is especially important when you are someone who is always on the go. There are a lot of netbooks out there that are lightweight and are small enough to be placed in a sleeve or in a bag. Computer bags and sleeves come in different styles and designs. Also, battery size is something to look at. Smaller batteries make the unit lighter, but bigger batteries on the other hand have longer runtime. These types of computers have six-cell batteries and these are usually recommended.

There are different operating systems that are available. The most common one is the Windows 7 Starter Edition. Others have Linux as their operating system. Linux is streamlined and is simple, but the most common programs will run on a Windows Operating System. Storage space or RAM is something that you should look at. Most netbooks have 1GB of RAM while others have 2 GB. Having memory which is less than 1GB will let your machine run slower especially when you are running more than 1 program.

It is essential that you check out the keyboards and the screen. Some users do not feel comfortable with tiny keyboards or small screens. Having a smaller screen size may cause eye strain.

Check netbook reviews online, their ratings and the top 10 netbooks that are available. You will learn a lot from what other users say about a particular computer. You can also compare netbook prices and brands to suit your budget.

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