Woodworking Projects Plans – A Step by Step Guide to Building a Closet Organizer

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One of the most useful woodworking project plans you can do is building wooden closet organizers. No matter what the size of your home you never seem to have enough storage room. You can double the useful space in a master closet just by making the space more useful. No more digging through piles of stuff or searching through boxes to find what you need. With organizers installed in your closets you will make the best possible use of every square inch of space that you have available. With a few simple materials and a few tools you can save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money and eliminate the clutter at the same time.

Some of the things that you would need for this woodworking project plan would be a screwdriver; wood screws and wooden shelves. Your first step will be to get the measurements, you will need both height and width of your closet organizer. This will make it easy to build your organizer to the right dimensions before you install it. This step may be somewhat difficult but it will assure you that your closet system will be very stable.

The next step would be to build the organizer just as if it were a standard shelf. This means that you use wide, thin boards as the part that stands up with the horizontal boards crossing it. This will produce your shelves. Next attach the two vertical boards together. You do this by tailoring a piece of ply board to both of the boards to form a rear panel. This offers better stability the minute that the unit is standing.

This should then be followed by connecting together the two vertical support panels to the horizontal shelves. By changing the spacing of the shelves you will be able to have room for items that are different sizes.

You then place either a plastic pole or metal that would run horizontally. You should place this towards the top of your unit. The purpose of this is for you to have a place to hang your jackets, dresses or other clothing items that you place on hangers. Be sure to check that the pole is securely installed and ensure its sturdiness. This is very important especially if you have any items.

Finally, your woodworking project plan is almost complete. Try to find a stylish curtain to hide the organizer and be sure to hang if from the top edge of the unit. This will make your closet organizer look chic. Additionally, this will also serve as a way to separate the items in your organizer to the ones in your closet.

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