Getting the Most Out of Your Lexmark Ink Cartridges

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Few of us are strangers to printer problems. From printheads to paper jams to blinking error lights, printer problems can often run amuck. To solve common issues with your Lexmark printer, read the user-friendly solutions below.

Avoid Ink Clogs

Clogged Lexmark ink can result in bad-quality prints. To avoid this problem, print a test document every two weeks to keep its nozzles wet and functioning – this is especially necessary if you do not use your printer often. If this does not quite do the trick, carefully immerse the printhead in warm water for two hours and then let it air dry. This typically loosens any clogs.

Uninstall the Status Monitor

Have you ever purchased new ink cartridges, only to get an alert saying that your printer could not work because the cartridges were not made by Lexmark? It's likely that, if you've downloaded your printer's most recent driver, a Status Monitor may have also been installed. To avoid the problem mentioned above, uninstall the Status Monitor.

Make Sure Your Printer Costs More than its Cartridges

Here's a top secret tip: although most of us feel compelled to save money and buy an inexpensive Lexmark printer, it's important to know that if replacement cartridges cost more than the printer, you may not get the quality customer support you need. Why? Lexmark monitors these cheap-o printers to be throwaways, because it's not worth their time to spend more than 20 or 25 minutes fixing them or dealing with customer service inquiries about them.

This is not only important advice in terms of customer satisfaction, but it's also important to determine how much the Lexmark printer will cost to run once you've purchased it. The more expensive its cartridges, the more the Lexmark printer will cost you long-term. Continue reading to learn how to reduce your ink expenses.

Do not Use Cartridges Low on Ink

Many Lexmark printers do you a huge favor by telling you how much ink is left in your cartridges. To prevent damage to your printer, make sure you replace cartridges when they are low on ink. Read on to learn ways to buy Lexmark ink for cheap.

Save Money on Lexmark Cartridges

There are a couple of simple ways to spend less cash on Lexmark printer ink. If you consider yourself to be handy, you can purchase Lexmark refill kits and refill empty cartridges yourself. This can be a little time-consuming, though, and if you damage the printhead in any way, your refilled Lexmark cartridge may not work.

If you prefer that trained professionals refill empty cartridges for you, go online and buy remanufactured Lexmark ink. Remanufactured printer cartridges have been recycled, cleaned, refurbished, refilled, and then thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility. Because remanufactured Lexmark ink cartridges have been recycled, they help to reduce the massive amount of harmful waste created by improperly disposed cartridges. What's more: remanufactured ink also costs half the price of retail cartridges. Save some cash and go green by purchasing remanufactured ink today!

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