Home Retirement Jobs – Making Woodworking Items Can Provide One of the Best Home Retirement Jobs

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If you are retired and just don’t know what to do with all of your free time, one of the best home retirement jobs will give you something creative and meaningful to do. Not only can it give you a nice home retirement job, but it can also give you a nice little retirement income. One of the best things about this particular home retirement job is that you can do it right in your own garage or workshop. It is a home woodworking business making small and large woodworking items that can be sold by retailers or by yourself.

It does not take an expert in woodworking to get involved in a home retirement job in a woodworking business. A small bandsaw, a small drill press, a small radial chop saw, belt sander, hand held jig saw and a hand held sander can all be had for about $ 375. So, as you can see your investment is very small. You can buy plans for all kinds of small woodworking items. Your local library may also be a source for plans.

You can choose to build larger items such as picnic tables, glider swings, outdoor chairs and tables, arbors, etc. These items can be sold by garden shops, chain stores, hardware store and the like. You can also take orders and sell them directly yourself. You can also advertise your items or take them to trade shows. Anywhere there is need for picnic tables, such as city, county and state parks, recreation areas, churches and communities, neighborhood developments as well as people living in your neighborhood, there would be a need for your woodworking services. These larger items which you can make and the sales outlets you can sell to are virtually limitless.

Other smaller items you can make could be bird feeders, bird houses, planters, etc. You could actually make these in kit forms and just cut out the pieces for others to assemble. You could make these items for fund raising projects for countless numbers of organizations, including schools, churches, scouts, communities and other countless numbers of groups. You could also sell them at trade shows, flee markets and at town festivals. If you wish you could develop a business with craft stores, hobby shops, garden centers, hardware stores, etc. as your retail customers. These smaller items you can make and the sales outlets are also limitless.

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