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HP finally began to explore the tablet market. At the event held in San Francisco, HP shows their tablet called the HP touchpad. The presence of these products increasingly fierce competition in the world confirms the tablet-not just from the product, but a platform.

The reason, HP's touchpad will carry the operating system called WebOS. If you remember, WebOS is an operating system developed by Palm and is introduced through a mobile phone and Palm's Palm Pre Pixi. However, since Palm bought HP last year, WebOS practical "on leave" from the operating system arena. Well, this is the new touchpad, WebOS comes back.

From the screenshots shown HP, WebOS appearance relatively unchanged. On the front page there are the Quick Launch bar contains shortcuts to frequently used applications, such as web browsers, mail, instant messenger, and gallery. While the application is currently active and is in the background (fyi, WebOS supports multitasking) is displayed in the form of "cards".

HP touchpad itself has a size 9.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 768. These specifications are the same as Apple iPad, but not as high as Motorola Xoom which has a resolution of 1280 × 800. Processor using Qualcomm APQ8060 which is a two-core processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz. Touchpad itself is not a mobile device, because it only relates on WiFi as a connection to the internet. But HP promises touchpad can synchronize to the device based smartphone WebOS.

Speaking of smartphones, at the same time HP also released two new smartphones based WebOS, formerly HP Pre3 and Veer. Pre3 is a smartphone for the business segment that offers 3.58 inches and a physical keyboard. While Palm's Veer is a tiny device the size of the hand with a handy still has a physical keyboard.

WebOS operating system version of this tablet is equipped with features including a notification system that can emerge suddenly from the top of the screen, multitasking applications "desk", a QWERTY keypad on the screen that is easily managed, and the latest features "touch- to-share "that allows users Web pages to share with fellow users quickly webOS smartphone that were located close together.

But you must be patient if you want to try out HP's touchpad. This device reportedly will attend this summer.

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