Inkjet Cartridges – Refill Or Replace?

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If you are a business which does a lot of printing, you will probably go through a lot of ink. When your inkjet cartridges run out, you have the option to refill or replace your used up cartridges. The following article weighs up the pros and cons of each of these 2 options.

Refilling Inkjet Cartridges

Refilling cartridges is becoming increasingly popular among businesses which do a lot of printing. This is due to 2 factors, firstly the amount of money which can be saved, when compared to replacing the cartridges and secondly due to the environmental impact, which is reduced.

There are many companies who can refill your cartridges which makes it as convenient as it is cost effective.

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges

Recycling your inkjet cartridges is not only the socially-responsible thing to do, but it could also save you money as well as the planet. Many retailers will offer discounts for those people who recycle used ink cartridges and some could even pay you money for them

Replacing Inkjet Cartridges

Depending on the type of printer you have, and the nature of the printing you do, you may find that it is easier and more cost effective to simply replace your cartridges. If this is the route you choose, then you have the choice of either branded inkjet cartridges, or those from a third party. Third party inkjet cartridges, despite being cheaper, are usually considered to be of inferior quality. This means that they are an ideal solution for businesses which print a lot of internal documents and who are more concerned with reducing costs rather than high quality documents.

Getting the best deals on inkjet cartridges

Whether you decide to refill or replace your cartridges, it is worth shopping around in order to get the best deals. In recent years, printer ink has become a very competitive market, which means that it is very much a buyer's market.

Before buying or refilling, check with several different suppliers to find the best deals and ask for discounts if you are buying in bulk. Many of the larger office supply chains have purchasing agreements in place with the major manufacturers, which means they can offer goods at a more competitive price than independent retailers. If you know that you can save a reasonable amount of money by buying in bulk, it makes sense to stock up on cartridges so that you will not run out any time soon.

Look online for the best deals, as many online retailers can offer the best prices, when compared with traditional stores. This is due to the fact that these companies operate with fewer overheads, which means they can pass on cost savings directly to the consumer.

Now you know more about printer cartridges and how to choose the right ones for you, sometimes it's time for you to make sure you've got enough inkjet cartridges.

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