What to Consider When Buying a Power Supply Unit

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When shopping for a new power supply unit, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You should know what a good PSU consists of, about how much power your computer typically consumes while running, and where to get the best power supply unit for you.

Characteristics of a Good PSU

A good power supply will provide adequate electricity to all parts of your computer equally. It will also typically come with various protection features, including short circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, over-current protection, and over temperature protection. Along with that, most PSUs will always provide your computer with some amount of standby voltage so that the standby functions of your computer and its peripherals can remain powered on.

Power Consumption

When shopping for a new unit, you should be careful not to get one whose power outage exceeds your computer’s overall power consumption. This is important for a couple reasons. First, buying a PSU that provides more power than your computer can consume would be a great waste of money. If your computer only consumes 350 watts of power, and you buy a device that provides 850 watts of power, the majority of that power will never be used. You’d be essentially wasting money every time you turned your computer on.

Secondly, a unit that provides more power than your computer consumes will not be as efficient as one that better fits your PC’s power consumption. The energy efficiency of a PSU drops at low loads, so it is important to match the capacity of a power supply unit to the power needs of your computer.

Where can you get a PSU?

There are several different options of where to get a power supply unit. You can go through the typical big box retailers, like Best Buy and the like. However, that option will typically cost you more money than you need to spend. The most cost-efficient way to get a good PSU is to go through refurbished hardware companies. These companies take old computer hardware, refurbish it, and then resell it at a fraction of the cost of new hardware. Refurbished computer components undergo extensive diagnostic tests and are expertly cleaned before being offered to consumers. Because of this, refurbished computer components perform just like new components, but are much less expensive.

When I was building my current workstation, I purchased an HP 381840-001 power supply unit. It has worked excellently for me, and I saved a great deal of money. I honestly wouldn’t do it any differently.

A reliable PSU is crucial to your computer’s overall performance. When shopping for one, be sure to take all of the above into consideration and you’re sure to get the best machine possible for your computer configuration.

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