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Are you looking for ways to make money building wood projects? Many people that are handy with tools are starting woodworking careers. You can make a nice little income helping people solve problems around their homes. All you need are some basic tools, a detailed collection of blueprints and a little advertising to get the ball rolling.

If you are handy with tools chances are you can do well marketing yourself in woodworking careers. You will not need an extensive list of tools to start with. If I were to make a list of the most important to to begin with it would look something like this. A Skill circular saw, portable table saw, jig saw, heavy duty cordless drill, set of chisels, orbital sander, quality drill bits, and assorted hand tools like tape measures, clamps, etc.

This would be enough to get you started in woodworking careers. When you begin to make money you can add to your list of tools which will in turn make things go much faster. As you know there is the right tool for the specific job. Just takes time to build an inventory and set up shop so that you are most efficient.

Anyone involved in woodworking careers will need a place to set up shop? If you can not afford to rent space be willing to sacrifice garage space in order to have the room. If you do not have a garage or basement maybe you know someone who has extra space and you can pay them a reasonable fee to use it. Just be sure where you set up shop that you have the electrical capacity to run the tools.

Get your hands on a quality collection of blueprints and plans. This is a must for woodworking careers. At first try to come up with building projects that are really practical. You will have an easier time marketing projects that solve solutions for people. Things like garbage can enclosures or garage shelving. Some thing along those lines.

It is possible to find woodworking plans on the Internet for free but it can be very time consuming and lack the detail you need. You can save yourself a HUGE amount of time by investing a small sum right up front to purchase a collection of "step-step" blueprints. This is the fastest way for craftsman to begin woodworking careers.

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