Woodworking Stationary Machines

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Despite the fact that portable or hand-held woodworking equipment is in vogue these days, woodworking stationary machines have still not lost their utility value. There are two phases of any woodworking project. The first phase is "shaping" phase. In this stage, the wood pieces are cut and carved into the desired shape with the help of these woodworking stationary machines. It is only after the molding of the wood pieces, that it becomes possible to put them together like building blocks to build the desired structure. The putting together part is accomplished by the hand-held or portable wood working tools.

In other words the popular woodworking stationary machines can be called the block builders and help the woodworker in competently making the "pieces" that build the entire project. Following are a few stationary machines that are commonplace in a woodworker's shop.

Bench Grinder

Bench grinders are rough wheels, which serve a variety of purposes. To get a clear picture of what a bench grinder looks like and its functioning, imagine a wheel placed next to a motor. The work piece is "supplied" to the bench grinder for procedures like sanding, polishing, buffing. This machine can not be moved, however the material fed to it can be adjusted as per the woodworker's requirement.

For instance, in case a woodworker needs to sand a chair armrest, and then the wood piece itself is fed to the bench grinder as per the requirements of the woodworker's blueprint for the chair armrest.

Based on the type of grinding wheel used the bench grinders can polish or sand many metals and specific types of plastics. Due to their versatility and multiple uses, bench grinders are one of the most commonly found wood working machines.


Joiners are used for making joints quickly, accurately and easily. Joiners are considered an inseparable part of any woodworking excursion. These jointers help the woodworkers to meet their deadlines as using joins guarantees a perfect joint cut and helps them to concentrate on other areas of the woodworking project. Apart from this subscribers are also adept in making mortises and biscuit joint setups.

Drill Press

This woodworking stationary machine's function is not just restricted to drilling. A drill press can be used in a similar fashion to a bench grinder by fitting it with grinding wheels instead of the drill bit. A drill press consists of many parts such as a base, a table, a pillar / column, a spindle and a drill head. When the material is placed on the machine's table, the drill head moves down a fixed path through the machine's pillar / column.

The tool can also work as a grinder or polisher by substituting the drill press' drill head with a grinding wheel or polishing wheel.

The main advantages of woodworking stationary machines are speedier construction, precise measurements and easy make of the tools. These "pre assembly" tools help wood workers to focus on enhancing the visual appeal of the woodworking project, so making them surpass competition in the trade.

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