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In this article I am going to explain the basic elements of Arduino board. We are going to answer the following questions: what is Arduino? How did the project start? What does it make Arduino different?

If you work with prototyping boards, you have to come across Arduino. Arduino is a cheep prototyping board designed for controlling objects and interactive systems. It usually costs you $ 30 to $ 50 to obtain one. The board uses an Atmel microcontroller with additional electronic components to maintain the availability and durability of the computing unit. For instance, Voltage Regulator. The board usually requires 5 volt to operate. The voltage regulator regulates the input voltage and allows provision from 5 to 12 volt. The board is open source and all diagrams are published under creative common license.

One of the most important aspects of Arduino is that it is standard connectivity. The board usually has 16 to 48 I / O pins. Some of them are digital. Other are designed for analogy input voltage measurements. Furthermore, some of the digital I / O can generate pulse-width modulation single – also known as PWM.

The Ardunio is not only hardware open source. It is software too. Arduino has a free open source integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE allows you to write and upload your applications to Arduino board. The programming language of Arduino is based solely on 'Processing' programming language. With a few clicks and couple line of codes, you will be able to upload your application to the board.

The Arduino has a vibrant community. You have a planet of people to ask and thousands of thousands of websites to search. In addition, the team has documented the Arduino perfectly. Everything is well explained and comprehensive. Accessing the required data is reliably easy from their official website.

The project started in Italy by two students. The idea was to build a cheep microcontroller to control interactive electronic objects. By May 2011, more than 300,000 Arduino boards have been soled.

In conclusion, Arduino is a cheep prototyping platform. It can be used by students or professionals. It is small and quite popular in its category. It provides a standard connectivity pins. It is well documented and user friendly. I use plenty of prototyping systems, but in my opinion, Arduino is the best what you can get for $ 30. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Your comments are welcome.

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