Basic Woodworking Shop Tools – The Table Saw

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Some Basic Table Saw Safety

Some things to keep in mind while working with your woodworking shop tools are:

First of all, keep your working area clean, floors and benches that are clustered may cause accidents. It is also a good idea to keep your area well lit, dark areas good be potentially hazardous.

** Keep children and visitors clear of area while using any power tools as they may be distractions and cause you to lose control of task at hand.

** Always read the tool's manuals for safe operation and safety advices before performing any work.

** Be sure that the tool is in the off position before plugging it in.

** Wear protective clothing however, do not wear loose clothing that may get worn in the moving parts.

** Wear eye protection.

** Wear hearing protection.

** Wear a dust mask and keep the area well ventilated.

Things to Remember While Cutting

Be aware of kickback while using your table saw. This occurs if the wood gets pinched and can cause the wood to be thrown towards you. Here are a few steps to help prevent this from happening.

** Push the wood through the cut.

** Never exceed more than about 1/4 inch higher than the thickness of the wood.

** Do not try to "free hand" cut. Always use the guide and keep the wood firmly against it.

** While feeding the wood through the blade, do not be in such a hurry. This will cause the blade to overheat and become dull which also can cause kickback.

Other things to consider while using your woodworking shop tools / the table saw are :

** Always use a push-stick for thin cuts to keep your hands and fingers clear of the blade.

** Do not reach across, over, or behind the table saw blade. Always keep your hands and fingers away from the blade.

** While cutting multiple cuts you may need to move some wood and gather others, it is good practice to turn the saw off after each completed job.

** When the work is completed, turn the saw off and unplug it.

** Clean up all the sawdust and scrap pieces so you maintain a clean and safe work environment.

** Always clean all of your woodworking shop tools.

Maintaining your woodworking shop tools and keeping your shop clean will make for a more relaxing and enjoyable time with your hobby. We as humans are creatures of habit, getting into these basics shop habits will help to keep things organized and will also help your tools to last much longer.

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