How to Get Started in Woodworking

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So you’re interested in getting started in woodworking. That’s cool. Here’s the deal.

It has occurred to me recently that there is not enough good resources out there for beginning woodworkers. And people who are interested in it, really don’t know where to begin. And I’ll tell you why, it’s because as representatives for this craft, we, woodworkers are the worst. We tend to complicate things, we tend to mystify the craft of woodworking and make it seem like you’ve got a whole shop filled with million dollar tools in order to get started. And all of this doesn’t inspire people to just get out there and start cutting wood.

So this article is dedicated to all of you, anybody who is interested in woodworking and wants to get started and I’m going to show you how you can do it and you’ll going to have a lot of fun doing it!

So I guess the place to start would be to answer the question of “What is woodworking?”. Well I’m going to tell you. There’s 3 things we’re doing:

  1. We’re taking a chunk of wood and we’re cutting it into various sizes and shapes.
  2. We’re assembling the wood.
  3. We’re smoothing it out and sanding it!

So, to do that we need a chunk of wood. Then you want to cut the wood into various shapes and sizes using nothing but a hand saw. After that, you want to assemble your woodshop project using a bottle of wood glue. You don’t need screws, you don’t need nails, a hammer or anything like that. Finally, you have to smooth the wood out with a piece of sandpaper. That’s all woodworking is!

But, there is one fourth component that you need to know. The greatest tool of any, is your imagination! If you can envision a project, that’s all you need to do. You can make anything, as long as you can figure out what it is you want to do, there are ways to do it.

So if all I need to build woodshop projects is a saw, glue and some sandpaper… why is every woodworking shop filled with power tools?!

And I’m going to tell you why.

Here is the secret that a lot of us woodworkers really don’t like people to know. Is that we don’t have the ability to make woodworking projects using nothing but hand tools. Now, before you woodworkers start yelling at me and sending me angry comments about how you can’t get into woodworking without first having a good foundation of hand tools and spending lots of time and elbow grease sawing wood and hammering nails, I’m here to dispel that myth, because we live in the 21st century and we use 21st century tools and for the average woodworker to get started in woodworking, you’ve got to have a few power tools. And that’s not to say that I’m not totally admiring these guys who can make incredible projects using nothing but hand tools. There are guys like that who can do it. I can look at 17th century furniture that was made with nothing but hand saws and chisels. And I admire these guys, I could never even approach that, even with my power tools! And those guys knew that inspiration was very important, it wasn’t about the tools.

So let’s get started. I would guess, that 80% of all the woodcutting that you want to do, you can accomplish on a table saw. So that’s the first thing that you’re going to get if you are new to woodworking.

The next tools you need is a router. This is used for making curves. To make curve cuts you’ll be needing a jigsaw.

And like I said most of woodworking, to me, it seems to be all about smoothing and sanding the work once you are almost done with it. So you’re going to need a belt sander.

And there you have it guys! With those 4 basic tools, you can pretty much build almost anything. That’s really all you need to get started in woodworking. And it’s not going to cost you a lot of money! You get those few tools and you’ve got your woodshop started and you can get it set up for a life time.

The next thing you want to do is you want to go to your local lumber yard or your big box store and you pick up a couple of planks of wood, like pine, it’s really cheap, you bring it home and you start cutting it!

Have fun with it, be safe and use common sense. Don’t put your hand in front of a moving blade, I think all of us know that.

Well for all you people who were searching for “How to get started in woodworking” and found this article, I hope you found it at least a bit helpful and I encourage you to go get started in woodworking. Have fun with it, cut a bunch of wood, it’s a learning process, you will constantly grow at it and learn new skills.

Source by Alex S. Zegra

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