DIY Woodworking Projects Around the Home

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Fifty years ago or even thirty years ago our grandparents were for the most part very skilful in many areas. Mainly because they had to be, money was scarce and furniture items and the like where very expense. Grandfathers in particular could put there hand to almost anything and make it work. A good example of this is woodworking, in their generation and many before that building things around the home was common place. Granddads had a shed in the backyard or a basement where they had all their tools and could repair or build in their spare time.

Today most people have less spare time and the modern world utilizes a much wider range of materials to construct our homely goods. Not to mention the fact that fewer people are familiar with the older traditional woodworking methods of construction. If you would like to have some classic wooden furniture in your home these days you either have to look everywhere to find something that suits or engage a professional cabinet maker or carpenter to build exactly what you want. Today there is still a large group of the community who loves the look and feel of the traditional wooden furniture.

Furniture is not the only thing that can add value and character to your home, what about the outside of your home where small additions and extensions like pergolas and gazebos provide areas of relaxation. So few people today have the know how and skill to design and build these relatively easy structures. Yet with some research and basic understanding you can turn the bare patch of lawn into a work of art and beauty, by simply adding a well designed and elegantly constructed pergola. A place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and read a good book in the quiet of your own backyard.

For those with little knowledge woodworking has not been easier

Go to any magazine rack at the newsstand and there will be a number of magazines discussing woodworking techniques and providing projects for the home handyman. The Internet is even a great source for woodworking projects, you can find just about anything to do with woodworking on the Internet. Knowledge of woodworking is one thing, actually doing the work is another. Like most things in life if you just think about it and dream about it, it is not the same as doing it. So my advice is to just give it go, start with something small like a basic kids chair and with practice and patience you will become skilled and be ready to take on any task. Remember this a process that requires time to learn and should be performed with fun in mind.

Things you need to get started

Woodworking requires a number of different tools to enable you to complete the projects you might be planning. I suggest you do your research and purchase the best possible tools you can afford, they do not always have to be new, second-hand tools can often be as good as new ones. Build up your collection over time and do not go overboard and blow your budget, you are only beginning, many good woodworkers have spent decades building up there favorite tools to use.

Again the Internet can be a great source to search for and purchase good tools. Often the prices are much lower and if you know what you are looking for can save you a great deal of time and money. At each projects outset consider the tools which you will need to complete the task, then make a list of those you will need to find. If your budget allows you could buy new or second-hand from the internet or the local hardware or maybe if this is a one off time you will need a particular tool you could hire or rent it for this job. If you do your homework and compare prices you will find what best suits your needs and budget.

Perhaps it might sound difficult to work out which tools you will need, but with some help from online woodworking forums, your local hardware guy, your friends or neighbors or even the articles you use to follow the design will guide you in this quest. Some of the basics you will need however are a general hand saw, a claw hammer, maybe a wood chisel set and definitely a pair of saw horses. These you could build as your first project as they are really very easy to make.

What ever you decide to do woodworking can offer a truly great way to spend some quality time for yourself and allow you to create something you can be proud of. If woodworking is a growing passion just get into it and discover the fun and enjoyment of working with your hands in a time honored tradition.

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