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Often people will dive into a hobby before they even know if it's for them. So to start with, the first thing you want to know before taking on a woodworking project is, that its going to suit your interests. The argument to this is, probably you will not know until you try it, and that's a fair argument.

Decide first of all that you are going to start with something small. Sometimes a birdhouse or a planter or even a simple decorative shelf. Nothing too fancy though. It may even be a good idea to start with a kit. This way you will not have to invest in a lot of tools while you are in this testing stage. Once you have completed your test project and found that you really did enjoy it, then you are ready to move onto bigger and better things, slowly though.

Now is the time to really start learning about what working with wood is all about. Its time to educate yourself and do some research. You need to achieve at least the basics if you want to move forward. Plan on investing in some magazines and books. Try to buy magazines geared towards beginners at first, and watch for the ones that offer free patterns in them as well.

The next item on your list for things to know is, what tools are you going to need. Do not run out and buy state of the art, or top of the line tools. These are not necessary. If you have been reading your magazines, then by now you should have a good idea what you are going to need. They no doubt cave you some good points on how to choose your tools. Every woodworking project will have some tool requirements, but most of these projects will typically comply with the regular wood working tools.

Before you even begin to think about starting a serious woodworking project, read any information that came with your tools. It is imperative that first and foremost you become familiar and adhere to all of the safety rules and guidelines. Some very serious accidents can take place with the types of tools you will be using.

Now you are ready to start your project. Be sure that you have purchased a pattern, and preferably a simple one. If you jump into something too complicated it could get costly, and you could become discouraged at it not turning out exactly as good as what it could be.

Woodworking projects require the same practice as anything else that you have become proficient in. You will gradually get better the more you do. Try and take some time to maybe take a few classes. Check out your local improvement stores and see if they offer seminars. Just make sure they are applicable to the type of woodworking that you are doing.

If you follow these simple guidelines, and keep reading and researching, before you know it you will be able to class yourself as a experienced woods craftsperson.

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