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Many people are interested in woodworking but don’t really have any background in it. A good way to get started is with some woodworking plans. If you find a plan for something you would like to make, it is much easer to follow the directions than to do something off the top of your head. Most projects have several aspects to them and will help you learn a broad range of woodworking skills.

Suppose you want to start out with something simple such as a box or chest. Obviously, each piece will have to be measured and cut then assembled. Well, there are countless methods of attaching one piece to another. There are dovetail joints, biscuit joints, tongue and grove, and many more. Try a project for each method and as you practice you will become more proficient in each.

Starting with a set of plans: woodwork/hobby and directions you will have a much better grasp of how to proceed. Depending on your project, skill level, and tools available you may be forced to get creative in your methods. As the saying goes, there are often many ways to skin a cat. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to tackle a project that you think may be a bit beyond your skill level. Often these projects will help you learn the most.

If you are already a skilled woodworker then you should probably be telling me a thing or two. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that a set of plans will always save time and headache. Having a plan and materials list will insure that you have everything you need before you begin your project. This will save on making trips to the store for whatever it is you may have forgotten. Those trips are always a frustration, especially when they could have been avoided.

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