The Most Common Woods Used For Woodworking

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You might have some question concerning the kind of wood you should be using to build your woodworking project. There are different aspects to consider before deciding on a specific type of wood such as: your personal style, the ambiance you would like to create, and your current finances. Following is a list of the most favored woods used to build wooden furniture.


Pine wood is definitely the most popular wood used with regard to cost effective furniture. Woodworkers like it because of its light shade and natural texture and because it is cheaper compared to other kinds of woods. Pine is very flexible, soft, and easy to work with. Use it to build bookcases and shelves, bed frames and cradles, tables and chairs, storage units, chests, and numerous other pieces made for daily use. Even though pine does not last as long as harder woods, it is frequently used to provide a traditional look to any area. Pine can be stained, left natural, or painted after sanding.


Oak is another common choice for furniture building. It has great strength and hardness and is prized in the construction of fine furniture, flooring and for veneer production. You will find two standard kinds of oak wood: red and white. Oak wood home furniture is long lasting which makes it the ideal choice for kid bedrooms, flooring, and various areas of the house. Additionally, it is reasonably priced.


Walnut is a hard, dense, tight grained and resilient type of wood. It can be polished to a smooth finish and it holds a stain pretty well. It is a highly prized wood by cabinet, musical instrument, and gun makers. It can be cut into thin slices for veneers. Walnut wood is often used to make small pieces like bowls or candle holders simply because it reacts very well to wood turning. Its cost makes it interesting to cost-conscious customers. Because walnut wood can cause allergies and asthma, anyone working with this kind of wood is advised to always wear gloves and a dust mask.


Mahogany is famous for its distinctive pink coloring, which evolves into a deep red-brownish as the wood grows older. This type of wood is among the most valuable wood varieties in the world. This wood offers very few knots or voids which grants the wood a gentle, even grain appearance that is ideally suited for fine wood furnishings and wood craft. The mahogany wood tree grows very large which allows the manufacturing of large and continuous boards. Woodworkers will use this type of wood to build tables, desks, and other furniture without joints. It is also easy to work with, is strong and durable, easy to sand, creates clean cuts and is easy to turn on a wood lathe. Unfortunately, it is highly priced but considering that mahogany furniture can last a lifetime, it is well worth the expense.

Given that you have found out about the most common choices in wood furniture, you are ready to choose new furniture or to build it yourself. Select a wood that matches your price range and style. Do not forget to get high quality woodworking plans for any woodworking project you might want to construct.

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