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Are you into a day on the water fishing? You need your own dinghy so you can get out there among the fish on that river or water way. If you do not need something too big for off shore then you will be amazed how easy it is to build your own flat bottomed dinghy so you can go fishing whenever you want to. With just basic woodworking tools and skills you will have no problems with these plans. You can build a dinghy with just sheet ply for the bottom, sides, gussets and keel. How easy is that. With full size patterns you can not go wrong.

Imagine building a boat so easily. Just take your sheet of ply and lay out your full size pattern and cut round it. How easy could it be. You do the same for the bottom and sides, and back. Then you do the same for all the gussets for inside to hold it all together and the keel on the bottom. Your complete step by step instructions will show what to do each step of the way till you boat is a finished project. All you will have to add now is a small outboard motor and you are away. Sit the boat on your trailer or even on top of your car and off to the river and amongst the fish.

When you look out the boat building plans and patterns you will find a short video on there. Have a quick look and you will be amazed just how quick and easy it is to put one of these together. You will be so inspired that you will want to get straight into it. And why not. Once it is done you will have something that will give you years of fun and will even ever pay for itself in fish. You can only get among those big ones from your boat so get started now. Check out the plans and patterns and start building.

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