5 Hot Topics For E-Book Writers

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In today's e-book market finding a niche is not always that easy. Even though niche marketing looks to be the latest trend, you can still cash in on the big markets with a little more effort. Here are just a few ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

1. Make Money : This will always be a hot market to be in especially with unemployment on the rise again. More and more people are looking for ways to supplement their incoming or better yet, quit their jobs all together. The great thing about this market is that you are not limited to just online marketing. There are a few sub topics in the money making arena. Like stocks and bonds, real estate investing, affiliate marketing, e-bay auctions. The list goes on and on. Just remember you do not need to have an expert in that area to write an e-book on that subject. You would be surprised at how many people do not know what you know about a particular subject.

2. Arts and Crafts : How to make hand made crafts is always a great seller. People love making things. There is always a great level of satisfaction when you create or make something yourself. Just look at all the cable TV shows these days about home decorating, wood working, cooking, and home repair just to name a few.

3. Health and Health Care : This topic is not just limited to weight loss, even though this will always be a great seller. I know of one e-book author that wrote a very successful e-book about melanoma. She interviewed several melanoma survivors and documented their struggles and success stories into an e-book that has sold thousands of copies. How about an e-book for first time or expecting mothers. The list goes on and on.

4. Technology : I personally think that this huge untapped market. Long gone are the days of just plugging in your TV set and adjusting the antenna. Flat Screen TV, Plasma, LCD, Satellite, you name it … Try explaining to your parents that they have to switch inputs on the TV to watch cable and change to another input to watch a DVD. What about Smart Phones, I-Phones, PSP … You get the idea.

5. Dating and Relationships : All people want to be loved. No matter who you are are all have the basic need of being loved and accepted. That is why we love watching or reading about people over coming extraordinary odds and finding true love. There are tons of topics in this arena. How to plan the perfect date, What do Women Really Want in Bed, Divorce Recovery, Build Better Relationships with your Kids. Just check out the cover of any relationship type magazine and you'll get tons of ideas.

I hope that this article helps to get the ideas flowing. Remember the e-book business is really a people business. If your e-book or report helps solve a problem or helps someone see things in a new light. Than you have a best seller on your hands.

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