Woodworking Tips – Workshop Safety

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Woodworking is a relaxing hobby, but it can also be dangerous, what with all the sharp tools and equipment you'll be using. So before you undertake any kind of woodworking project be sure that you have a good attitude regarding safety. Here are tips to make sure you have a safe workspace.

First off are the clothes. Loose fitting clothes are a no-no when woodworking. You should always keep your clothes buttoned up and tucked-in. This is to prevent them from snagging onto things. You should always use safety goggles regardless of what size your project is. Just make sure that they fit comfortably on your face so you will not be tempted to remove them. You should also consider using face masks to protect yourself from the dust and fumes. And work gloves should always be a staple in your woodworking attire. Make sure that they are a perfect fit so that you will not be encumbered while working.

Next are your tools. Walk carefully when you're carrying your woodworking tools around, especially the sharp or pointed ones. With power tools, be sure that you check the power cord for damages before you even plug it in. And after using, you should always store your woodworking tools away properly. This is so you can easily find them the next time you need them and also help keep them in good working condition.

You should also know a few basic first aid techniques, and always have a well stocked first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher in your workshop just in case of emergencies.

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