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Really think about this for a moment; how often do you find yourself wanting more information on an idea you have for a Woodworking Project? As a handy man the craftsman in us all is constantly looking for a creative outlet; that special woodworking project that spotlights our woodworking prowess and mastery of our woodworking tools. As you read this article, I think you will begin to see what you are looking for is easy to obtain.

Woodworking Projects range from the basic quick and easy projects to the complex time consuming and elaborate projects that tests the experienced craftsman. For the handy man in us all where time and money are tight the basic and time saving methods are the best. For a good example of quick and easy take a look at the pocket hole and screw method of affixing two boards together.

All you need is: a pocket hole jig, cordless drill with a special drill bit that is included with the jig kit, wood glue, screws and two boards that need to be joined together.

To use this method first determine how many and where you need the screws, mark there locations, clamp the board into the jig aligning the index mark on the jig with the mark you made on the board for the screw locations and drill the holes.

Step two; apply a generous amount of wood glue on one of the mating surfaces before affixing the boards together.

Step three; assemble the joint, align the two boards and install the special pancake headed screws into the pocket holes with the driver that is included in the kit.

Step four; the screws serve to clamp the boards together while the glue dries.

Step five; install the wooden plug to cover the holes and screw heads with wood glue to secure it. Wipe off the excess glue with a damp lint free cloth allow the glue to dry then apply the finish.

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