Woodworking Tools You Absolutely Need For Your Crafts Projects

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When you're about to enter the woodworking arena, you might be surprised about the multitude of tools that you can find. Of course, if your budget is unlimited, you can buy them all and you're set for life. However most of us still live on a monthly paycheck, so the budget should be carefully planned. So which woodworking tools should you get to make the best use of your starting out in this wonderful craft and hobby type?

Budget is not the only issue here. Everybody is different and different woodworking projects might need a different set of tools. However, there are some basic tools that most people will usually have at home when interested in woodworking. These tools are used most of the times for most of the projects.

So if you want to start out in woodworking, you need to have most of these tools: hammers and mallets, chisels, measuring tape, sand paper of different grids, drill, nails, wood glue, various clamps, wood square and last but not least, wood pencils.

There might be more than these, however there are the minimum that you should have at home. You do not need to buy them all right now, however in due course you should strive to invest in them with each new project that you start, so that historically you have a well rounded set of universal woodworking tools that can help you in 90 % of your tasks.

When you are looking to buy tools, avoid buying anything else but at least initially (except a particular project needs something specific), as you want to avoid frustration due to too many tools and too much clutter. What you need to do is start one project, get the plan done, see exactly which tools that project needs and buy only those.

When it comes to the issue of quantity of tools vs. their quality, I always say that quality should rule. I'd rather buy a mallet that costs $ 50 and know that it will last for the next 10 years or more, vs one that costs only $ 20, and will last only one or two years before it breaks.

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