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We all know that we spend a big part of our life in bed. So our bed has to be comfortable. Judging by the number of bed retailers there are these days it must be a popular purchase. I suppose people change their beds as often as they change their cars so there are a lot of beds being purchased. All the old beds either go to the secondhand stores or to the welfare stores to those of us who are a little less fortunate. I know that a lot of people will buy a secondhand bed from a welfare store and make it do them for most of their life. And then there are always new fancy beds coming out with all sorts of built in features so one has to regularly upgrade.

If we are looking for our next woodworking project then we could do well to choose a bed. Some like to have a bed as more than a sleeping place but also to show off as a fancy piece of furniture. I do not know how many people have regular visitors to their bedroom to show off their last bed but there must be a few. Then some people, when you visit for the first time, will say, 'let me show you around' and involuntarily take you to their bedroom to show off the bed.

So the bed has to be a good one and can not be too fancy. Your woodworking skills will be handy here as a major part of the bed is the head board and can be as fancy as you like. With the range of nice lumber about now and the router tools for carving we can have something really nice. Then the base board is usually something to match but in a smaller version. The actual base part of the bed is set for you as mattresses come in standard sizes whether double, queen or king size.

Maybe you you get really adventurous and build a round bed or even heart shaped and have a mattress made to suit. You cab opt for the old four poster style with the lace curtains and is always popular. Head boards can have all sorts of extras built in too such as an alarm clock with music or even an automatic coffee maker so you wake up the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The base board too can have extras such as blanket boxes built in so get to it and fire your imagination.

There are plenty of woodworking patterns and plans out there so check them out for your new bed today.

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