Woodworking Projects For Kids – Suggestions For A Successful First Woodworking Project

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You would think, with the great imagination children have, that they would never get bored. Unfortunately, we know all too well that is not true. In order to combat this why not research some woodworking projects for kids and get them involved in something that will challenge them while at the same time build their self esteem and boost their confidence?

This is a great way for all the family to spend some time together and to teach your children the concepts of teamwork, planning, and preparation.

So what would make a good woodworking project for kids?

Well, it would need to be something pretty straightforward and easy, so they do not get frustrated. It would also need to be fairly quick, as we all know that the attention span of kids is not great and they could easily todle off and find something else to do if they become bored.

Here are a few suggestions for first woodworking projects

Bird House – this has the added advantage that once complete, it can be attached to a tree and can be enjoyed over and over again as birds are attracted to it.

Toolbox – a very simple project and great for the trainee carpenter or mechanic in the family. If you have some junior tools that can go in the toolbox then that's even better.

Bird Feeder – another easy project.

Jigsaw Puzzle – this is a super easy woodworking project and not only will the kids love marking out the shapes, to be cut out by the adult later, they will also enjoy drawing either patterns or pictures onto the puzzle.

Toy box – can you ever have enough toy boxes? You never know, having made their own toy box, they might actually be inclined to use it! There's a novel thought.

Okay, so there are a few suggestions you can use.

Having made the decision to undertake a woodworking project with the kids there are a few areas that need to be addressed.

First and foremost, we need to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project. This does not just apply to the children; it applies equally to the adults.

Make sure safety equipment is used at all times, especially safety glasses and ear defenders if necessary.

Most power tools should be operated by the adults within the group. By all means show the kids what you are going to do, but then make sure they are well well back while you undertake the job. I said most because I think there are certain tools that the kids can use safely. My daughter, Grace, absolutely loves using the cordless drill, and sat with me for the majority of time it took me to build her bed, just so that she could operate the drill when screws needed to be inserted.

In addition to safety, preparation must be made to ensure you have all the necessary materials to hand, so that the project can be finished in one session. To maintain the interest of the kids, the project must be run smoothly from one step to another. This way the kids are more likely to want to be involved in further woodworking projects.

Well, there you have it, my suggestions to make your first kids woodworking project a resounding success.

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