A Great General Table Saw

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There are many hobbies or professions that require many different machines in order to get the job done. This is because the job usually consist of many steps, and not one machine can do it all. One hobby or profession that requires many different machines is woodworking. Many different machines need to be used in order to complete a project, but one of the most important machines is the table saw. This article will specifically discuss the many great benefits of one General Table Saw on the market.

The General International Table Saw with Excalibur Fence System, model number 50-260SP has a lot to offer, but the specifications need to be discussed first. This is a ten inch left-tilt table saw. It's green, but the top of the table is silver since it is made out of metal. It is extremely big and heavy. It is a very heavy duty table saw, so it is great for professionals. It is also great for people who make things out of wood for a serious hobby.

This General Table Saw has a lot of great safety features. It is very heavy, and that means that this table saw is very stable. It has a see through blade guard, so people who use this machine will be able to see what is being cut without worrying about pieces of wood flying back at them. Also, the anti-kickback fingers are great to have. Sometimes wood being cut on a table saw can fly back, but these fingers keep that from happening. It also has a magnetic safety switch that has an emergency stop button. This table saw is loaded with safety features, and that's really important when it comes to any woodworking machine.

There are also other great features that come with the General Table Saw. It has a door that makes it really easy to access the inside of the cabinet, it has a ribbed table with a T slot, it has mounts for other things such as a miter gauge a rip fence, and even a wrench, and it also has many other great options. This is a great table saw for anyone to consider, because it has many safety features as well as performance features. I hope this article has been beneficial to those looking for a great table saw.

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