Woodworking Hand Tools

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Which woodworking hand tools should be part of any good carpenter's toolkit? Which tools are the most versatile and useful? And which ones can you not do without?

Block Plane

A block plane is nothing more than a solid piece of metal with a blade in the center of the flat underside. By sliding it over a flat surface and applying some pressure as you do, it allows you to take a thin layer of wood off with each stroke.

The wood shavings pop out of the top of the device. The principle of cutting and the ejected shavings are very reminiscent of a pencil sharpener.

I recommend buying two of these: a large one for the workshop and a small one to fit into your toolkit that is more easily transported around.


A chisel is one of the most versatile woodworking hand tools that you can get hold of.

You can use one to carve some types of wood into a particular shape. A chisel can also be used to fashion joints, create grooves and to finish off a piece of woodwork.

Chisels can take up a fair amount of space of weight. Get a full set for your workshop and a smaller set of four for your toolkit. A standard set of bevel edge chisels will do just fine.


These are pretty much a no-brainer. A pair of Philips head and flat-head screwdrivers should suffice.

Stanley Knife

These are a brand of utility knife that have been made for decades and are so popular that they have become the standard name for this type of knife in many countries.

I strongly advise you to get the type where the blade is fixed in place using a screw. Retractable blades are a bad idea.


Every woodworker needs a few good saws in his collection.

First you should invest in a hacksaw. Although junior hacksaws can be useful, you may as well obtain a regular hacksaw.

A coping saw is also a great addition to your workshop. It will allow you to cut intricate shapes very easily.

Should you find yourself working on larger pieces on a regular basis then you will definitely want to invest in a powered saw. These used to cost a great deal but now you can pick up a simple band saw for less than 200 dollars. A band saw features a continuous blade that rotates very quickly and makes light work of most types of wood.

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