Woodworking: Not Just Your Hillbilly Hobby

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Woodworking, it's kind of a hobby that anyone from the city is not fond of doing. The common stereotype is that people from the mountains / hillbillies are the only ones doing woodworking. Actually, a lot of people from modernized cities who are educated and cultured find value in working with wood. The actual work that you put your hands through plus the beautiful finished products is quite satisfying. It's not as satisfying as buying something from a furniture store or online and you will not give too much value on it because it was not crafted by your own blood, sweat and tears. I want to shed light on this "hillbilly" practice.

There is an actual science and art to it. No dumb person can do woodwork. It's as technical as conducting surgery; you have to be precise by the centimeter. You also need a steady hand and attention to detail. You also have to be very patient in dealing with woodwork. It may take time but it's worth it. If you look back, how long do you have made something out of your own hands?

Nowadays everything is automated and quick. You will not get to experience the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after finishing a good piece of woodwork. If you look at the expensive stuff you see in the market, the beautifully made ones are actually handmade. The interior of a Rolls-Royce car, a beautiful tea table center piece in a millionaire's house, and the intricate diamond linings of jewelry even the bronze bells used by your churches come at a hefty price because of the amount of skill and time put into each and one of them by their manufacturers. So I tell you woodwork done by your own hands could be the best hobby you could ever do. It's not too expensive to start with and it really can make your time worthwhile.

Woodworking is not just nailing wood to wood which you may think can be done in a day. You have to work on the wood as if it were your child. Every chip made by the chisel and every scrape of the sand paper on it is another step in developing and creating your child, your hand made. After, when your work is done it becomes a memento of an accomplishment that will take years and may even out live you the actual maker of the piece.

Source by Cesar A Benitez

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