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Many people are dog lovers while others are cat lovers and many more just love animals while some just can not stand them. Of those that have a dog some keep them as a pet while others almost adopt them as part of the family while some just keep dogs as a worker either for farm animals or simple as a guard dog. Whichever way you regard your dog it will still need to be well cared for and it is a real shame to see pets being neglected.

Of those who keep a dog I suppose they can be divided into two groups by those that have inside dogs and those who have outside dogs. The dog lovers who adopt their pets as part of the family allow them to live as part of the family which includes living indoors and sleeping indoors. Some even have their own doggy bed next to the main bed while others snuggle up with the kids in their bed. You will see them with their own comfy chair and they sit there and watch TV with the rest of the family in the evening. They can be very handy in the house if you have an intruder sneaking around at night because their good hearing will alert you and a bark will deter the intruder from coming any further.

Others who have an outside dog will need adequate living accommodation for him especially at night. The dog needs to have his own little house to sleep in and retreat to and feel comfortable in. He is still an asset in the yard especially at night in case of an intruder. So make his dog house warm and dry so he is comfortable especially if the night get a bit cold. If you do not want him to have free reign of the yard he will need to be chained which is a shame but the dog seems to be accredited to it. Keep the chain light enough so as not to be a burden and attach it to a long wire so he can at least have a run for exercise. Make sure he has plenty of fresh water at hand all the time.

If you want to build a real trendy house for your dog check out the plans and patterns for dog houses. There are some real neat ones now that you can easily build and your dog will feel like top dog with his very own trendy house.

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