Free Woodworking Plans – Do You Want to Download Woodworking Plans That Can not Be Used?

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Finally, you have decided to take the plunge and build your own shelf or coffee table. You scour the internet looking for free woodworking plans. You come up empty handed. It should be the simplest thing, going online and finding the plans, downloading them and building your furniture. But it is not that simple.

You may spend hours looking and the lessons you walk away with are:

Your Choices are Limited

Fact is, you have very, very few choices when you are looking for free woodworking plans. There are just a few options available and you may not find the particular plans that you want. If you want a six foot pyramid shelf, for example, even if you are lucky enough to find furniture woodworking plans for a pyramid shelf, it is not likely to be the style that you want. The options are just too limited.

The Ones You Find are Junk

When you find find free woodworking plans, they are often garbage. They may be poorly constructed, not well drawn or they are not to scale. Essentially, they are useless. They may not even match up or give correct measurements. In the end, this could cost you a great deal, especially if you spend money on expensive wood and materials, only to find that you plans are bogus.

They Have Hidden Fees

Some woodworking plans claim to be free, but then they hit you with hidden fees. They may require you to give them your email or home address and directing you to purchase a membership to get your "free" woodworking plans. Or they may charge a download fee for the service. Make sure that you read the fine print before you download.

Their Stuff is Ugly

Now, this is subject, but still, a major problem with free plans is that the furniture that they make is not attractive. You might find the plans and even just the piece of furniture that you want to make, but when you look at the photos you see that what you are about to build is just not attractive.

The Plans are Difficult to Follow

Even if you find furniture plans that are actually free and attractive, you may need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to follow them. Plans that are impossible to follow, free or not, just are not a good deal.

They are Cataloged in a Strange Manner

Another reason that it is difficult to find woodworking plans is because they are cataloged in a strange way. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how they are listed. You may be looking for a sofa table and it might be listed under a completely different name. What's more, there is usually very little descriptive material and basically no tags so there is nothing for the search engines to grab. Even if they are out there, they are actually impossible to find because they are listed so poorly.

You Can not Find Them

The biggest problem with finding free furniture plans is that you can not. It is almost impossible to find free woodworking plans much of the time. You can scour the internet for hours and come up empty handed.

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