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If you're a woodworker who has run out of ideas of what to make … then trust me, we've all been there. Woodworking is an amazing and rewarding hobby that may take a lot of effort, but is enjoyable by many! Whether you build for your own personal needs, or you build and sell your products … woodworking is very rewarding for you. If you have run out of ideas, here are some things you could think about …

Decks – I'm pretty sure everyone loves a large, beautiful deck … but workers overcharge the amount you have to pay for them to build you one. So, why not build one yourself? They're a lot easier then you'd think!

Sheds – Sheds provide extra storage for your family. This could be a good project you could work on!

Birdfeeders – Want a quick and easy job? A birdhouse is fun to make and also provides food for birds around your neighborhood!

Boats – This is a fun project that can be very rewarding. You can imagine how much you could sell a useful, quality boat that you made yourself! It could also be useful if you enjoy camping or have a cottage by a lake.

Cradles – Are you or someone you know expecting a baby? Cradles can be amazing baby shower gifts and the person will really know that you made an effort for their baby!

Dog Houses – Fun to make and provide your dog with a place of it's own!

Guitars – Guitars are extremely popular and making them can be really fun … you can imagine how much you've made if you made guitars.

Playhouses – Playhouses let your imagination go wild and your kids will appreciate it!

Kitchen Projects – Kitchens are the heart of any house and improving your kitchen will improve the selling value of your home in the future. This is a fun way to be decorative and improve your house!

Bedroom Projects – I'm sure everyone wants a nice bedroom, and saving money while redecorating your bedroom would be amazing! Bedroom plans may be the right project for you if you want to improve your bedroom.

Garages – Garages are important if you have cars, bikes, or anything else you want to protect but have no room for in your house. Garages can be really easy to build so if you're up for the challenge of this big project this may be the project for you!

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