Where to Download Router Table Plans For Woodworking? Build a Router Table DIY

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When you decide to build a router table, it must cost a lot cheaper than a woodshop shaper and it has to have multiple uses. Free router table plans are generally available online and having the end product comes out advantageous in terms of different speeds and power, including a router table plate that is adjustable for raising and lowering for more flexibility in performing work. There are free table plans that also include the design of the router table fence that is an auxiliary to the router table plans.

Basic Materials And Pricing

Building your own router table would require you to use the ¾-inch plywood, medium density fiberboard, and melamine, with some maple or birch wood for trimmings. You will also need Formica to cover the entire table top, together with the wood screws and adhesive that you will need.

The most costly item is the router itself and the router plate. A typical router of 3 and a quarter horsepower is priced at around $350. You have to compare the different parts for its quality and price. Sometimes these items are offered at discounted rates online.

Owning a router enhances your workshop and its capabilities, and it can give you bigger opportunities in the various works you can do. But you have to have the proper table to anchor it and a practical option would be to make your own unit based on available plans for router table.


Routers are powerful tools and they need a strong base of operation to maintain its safety and usefulness. You have to be sure that the plans you get are accurate and safe so that you do not put life and limb in danger. Good and effective router plans come at a modest cost, but it will assure you of a durable and dependable work station for your projects.

A lot of plans present designs for drawers and other storage spaces. This would definitely help enhance your workshop as you can have your different tools and materials properly stored and secured. Good plans will specify incorporating drawer slots, cabinet hinges, and other hardware to help you complete your work station.

Remember to consider proper air flow within the work station when you acquire the plans for yourself. The router machine must have enough space and ventilation when you consider your router table design, in order to avoid overheating of your router. It is best to get your plans made by a professional woodworker who understands the different situations in the work area.

Where You Can Get Good Router Table Plans?

Basically these plans abound online but you have to be cautious and make sure that you are only getting them from trustworthy and professionally woodworking websites. Be certain to look for the more reputable companies that offer these plans by evaluating reviews given to them by their satisfied customers and patrons. Remember, when it comes to safety and reliability, the cost is only secondary in every decision you will make.

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