7 Tips on How to Build Your Own Shed Successfully

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In many people's lives, there will be a time where you just need more space and one of the best ways to get that valuable space is to build your own shed. I'm sure many of you went to your local DIY store only to find sheds and shed kits that were way over your price range. So saving money is also another key factor which can bring you to the decision to build your own shed.

Here Are Some Tips To Get You On You Way To Build Your Own Shed:

1. Get prepared with basic skills

When you decide that you want to build your own shed, it is not a difficult task as long as your are prepared. If you have some basic woodworking skills and the basic tools, you are set. However, if you do not you can still practice your carpentry skills on other projects. But even so, building a shed is something that you do not need much experience to do. There are resources to help you that will have other smaller woodworking projects to practice with such building a birdhouse, dog house, a chair, etc.

2. Get the basic tools

Obviously you will need some basic tools, (hammer, saw, tape measure, level, drill, etc) in order to build your own shed. You do not need to go out and get all those fancy tools. Yes, some will make the job go a lot faster and some will not be worth the investment on. Even if you do not have the tools and you need to buy them, you will still be saving money when you build your own shed and you will have those tools for future woodworking projects.

3. Schedule time to build your shed

Building your own shed will not take long but you are going to have to give yourself some time, maybe on the weekends to work on your shed. You may even finish it in just one weekend, depending on your experience and also how big the shed is.

4. Find a location to build your shed

You will want to figure out where your shed is going to be located and also where it's going to be built. Is your shed going to be built on site or is it going to be built somewhere else where will you need to transfer it over to the location? Make sure to find a location to accommodate the size and also make sure to ask your neighbors if it's in a location where you might think it will cause problems.

5. Determine what is going in the shed

This tip will help you decide how big your shed needs to be as well as how frequently you need access to the shed. You do not want to jampack the shed so make sure you will give yourself some space to walk in especially if you are going to need to get in there a lot. Is it going to be for your lawn mower and garden tools, kids toys, outdoor furniture, anything in the house or garage? So think about what is going to be in the shed but also keep your budget in mind as well.

6. Get a set of DIY shed plans

Having a decent set of DIY shed plans along with other shed drawings such as sections, elevations, details, diagrams, will make the process to build your own shed go much smoother. This is an important component and should not be ignored. You will be saving a lot of time and money because you will be following a set of drawings that will guide you and help you visualize what the shed will be. There are woodworking courses available that will have many DIY plans to choose from.

7. My Shed Plans Elite

This is a woodworking course created by Ryan Henderson who is an experienced woodworker and has built many sheds in his life. He shares his tips and techniques to help you build your own shed and to avoid getting frustrated. This book will help people with all levels of experience and will teach you all the way down to the basics of woodworking.

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