Picnic Table Bench Plans – An Easy Project for Every Woodworker

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As you may know, the holidays make for a great time to travel with your friends and family where sometimes you carry a picnic table style bench during any camping trip. Often times, these tables serve and are helpful in your backyards. If you are deciding to buy any picnic table, then it would be an expensive affair. If you know some carpentry then you must try building your own picnic table and bench set. For this you may choose to go through various plans to get one as per your requirements and specifications. Given below are the factors one should consider when you are making a picnic style bench.


Size primarily depends upon the purpose because it must be compact and portable to carry. A small one that can be easily assembled on site will be a great utility. A bulky picnic style table bench will be unsuitable for carrying outdoor. If you want a kid's table and benches, then decide the sizes of the chairs. A big table with small chairs will comfortably accommodate around 10 – 12 kids. This table will be handy for organizing outdoor kid's parties, etc.


The wood is the critical factor for picnic table bench plans. The plan which makes you use any kind of lumber is not very useful. The table should be strong and capable to withstand rough weather. For outdoor tables, the wood should be capable to sustain rains, snow and sun rays. Redwood, cypress, cedar are commonly used for picnic style tables and benches. These are actually heartwoods it means the lumber is derived from the center of the trees.


Apart from the wood you should have additional materials like screws and nuts and bolts. Wood screws are preferred than iron ones as they fit inside more tightly. Iron screws get loosen sooner and fall off ever. The other materials needed for building a table and benches should also be weatherproof.


If you plan to make the table and bench yourself, then you must have all the tools and equipment. These type of plans ask you to have electric tools such as an electric saw to cut the lumbar while an electric drill to drive in the screws inside. The best picnic table bench programs should give you a picnic bench which is fancy in color and style, durable enough, portable to carry etc. It can be a folding one, in pieces or just one whole lot.

After all the above observations you must make the decision to get picnic table bench plans that makes comfortable and functional building of picnic table benches in less time.

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