Add Timeless Value to Your Home – Popular Woodworking Ideas

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Described below are a few woodworking projects that will really add to the overall look of your home:

  • Panel Molding: Can also be referred to as picture frame / shadow box molding. This type of molding usually seen as rectangular boxes below the chair rail and adds a great look to a room. It can be used to add a formal look to a dining room or entryway. Another alternative would be full recessed panels which add more depth to the panels. This method is a bit more expensive but gives the room a solid feel.
  • Crown Molding: If you feel your room / s are missing something special. Adding crown molding will transform a room almost overnight. Crown molding goes where the wall meets your ceiling and can be bought in all shapes and sizes. With many options and styles to choose from, you really have an endless opportunity to add style to your home. Adding an extra piece of molding (2 or 3 piece crown) is a great way to make your crown seem larger. Overall, this is one of the best types of woodworking projects to tie everything together.
  • Built-Ins: Used for anything from entertainment areas, kitchens, baths, basements, mudrooms, offices, dining rooms, and almost any other area of ​​the home you can think of. If your home is lacking that much needed storage space or your space is not being utilized to its full potential, then a built in is the best option for you. Built-ins can be created in all shapes and sizes and will add charm to your space. You should look in magazines or browse the web to gather ideas for your next built-in project. Your possibilities are endless.
  • Coffered Ceilings: A coffered ceiling is a series of deep recessed panels within your ceiling. To really add a focal point to your room, you should have your home improvement contractor build a coffered ceiling. The custom woodwork can be quite expensive although it will truly be one of the most unique additions to your home. This one will have all your family and friends in awe.
  • Fireplace: Fireplace surroundings and mantels are another great way to add a focal point to a room. Highlight the selling features of your home will certainly help increase the value. Do your research on what style will best fit with the decor of your home.

These popular woodworking ideas will not only add style to your home, but also will help add timeless value to your home. Many of these projects can be combined for one truly unique room, whether it's your office or your dining room. Adding woodwork as described above will instantly change your homes appeal.

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