Building Computers From Scratch

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Gone are the days when owning a computer is a luxury. A computer today is a necessity because it just makes everything so easy and convenient. With the high demand of owning a computer, you have an option of purchasing a completely configured computer set or building a computer from scratch.

Building a computer from scratch is a feat that can be attained with patience and determination. Sure enough with all the different parts prepared and a few curses on the side, you’ll be proud of having and using a computer that was built from scratch. Building a computer from scratch can take two hours to two days depending on factors like knowledge and skill.

Basically, building a computer from scratch is divided into a hardware and software phase. For the hardware phase, the first thing that needs to be determined is the main purpose of the computer. Is it just for regular and practical use or for editing and gaming? Programming or even networking? If you need the computer for advanced purposes then the hardware specifications need to be advanced.

Building a computer from scratch includes the hunt for an excellent processor. The two top companies producing quality processors are Intel, which produces some of the fastest processors and AMD, which is more affordable. Again, do a check on what’s the main purpose of the computer. Next will be a motherboard that can work best with your processor. It’s best to be proactive and research first the components of building a computer from scratch before starting. Now comes the memory of the computer, how much memory do you need and want? Remember that the motherboard should be able to support the memory loaded in the computer.

Having assembled the parts above makes building a computer from scratch almost half way done. Now comes the part of ensuring that the hardware is protected and well ventilated by deciding on a case. Make sure that cooling fans are incorporated at this stage.

Other important paraphernalia such as purchasing and assembling the hard drive, video card, combo drives, and sound cards are next to ensure quality functionality of your computer. When making a selection, go back to the original question of the purpose on why your building a computer from scratch and that is to address whatever your computer needs are.

Don’t forget the primary output devices like the monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers and with these completed, you can almost say that you’re almost done building a computer from scratch.

The very last challenge is the software phase which is an operating system. If everything is assembled and done correctly, then you can issue yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and start using your newly assembled computer.

Building a computer from scratch proves to be a satisfying and an educational experience. With all the information and detailed guides available, you can many resources that will help you get started.

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