Woodworking Industry Trends – Finding a Woodworking Job

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There is enough demand for good woodworkers. With some skill and practice, landing a neat, high paying woodworking job is well within reach. Lots of different varieties of small and huge woodworking tasks are available in the industry of woodworking. Owing to the multitude of opportunities, getting a job and gaining a foothold in the industry is not all that difficult.

Of course, highly skilled woodworkers are almost guaranteed of a job. But the truth is that even by learning the basic techniques and acquiring the skills needed for woodworking by practice and training, one can easily find decent employment.

Furniture making, for example, is something that is in great demand. If you are comfortable in working on wood and designing and making good furniture, you can immediately get a job in this industry. Now, furniture is a wide-ranging term. But you could pick a specific niche of yours and specialize in it. Cabinets nowdays are popular among furniture shoppers. So by studying the different varieties and styles, knowing how they are made etc. you can make yourself an expert in cabinet making. Once you do that, gain good experience and start identifying and making beautiful and elegant cabinets, you will find that you and the cabinets you make will be in great demand in no time.

Similarly, there are carpenters who specialize in small niches such as flooring, railroads, fireplace mantels etc. Concentrating on a niche is something that a lot of successful woodworkers do.

Apart from skilled woodworkers, the woodworking industry also has a real need for engineers and draftsmen with fairly decent knowledge of modern computer-aided designing tools such as autocad etc. Professionals with good knowledge in this field are paid high salaries and good incentives such as insurance policies and others.

Going further, nowdays, the trend points towards automation and the increasing use of machines for a wide spectrum of woodworking jobs. Millwork has become an integral part of any woodworking job and since people experienced in architectural millwork are also in great demand. Architectural millwork requires a worker who has sound artistic sense while also being machine-savvy. The perfect candidate is hard to find and if you can satisfy the above requirements, then the woodworking industry is really calling out to you.

On the administrative side, there are posts for what are called estimators. These are the people who have good knowledge of present goings-on in the wood-working and can there before handle pricing negotiations and such issues. Here, experience plays a major role. Other administrative posts too exist such as the operational managers, contractors etc but thats a totally different side of the coin.

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