Woodworking For Your Daily Life

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Woodworking using a very good quality raw material gives the possibility to decorate, to turn wood into interesting creations made by sculptors, to innovate, to produce new and modern products, to build.

Importance in your house

In a contemporary home, wood is present in all forms: starting with the construction itself to the library shelves, to floors, window frames and furniture, to the beautiful details of decoration elements, sculptures. In fact, this includes a wide range of products used for home construction or home renovation.

But the way of working with this material and assembling it varies importantly from one type of to another and from one form of construction to another.

Wood is one of the oldest materials of construction. It is nowdays a readable method to build, usually easy to implement. It provides an excellent building material, durable, resistant, which works with a minimum of tools, it provides excellent insulation, much better than stone or concrete, and has aesthetic qualities that are designated for decoration. If in the past, this material was traditionally used by the village carpenter, in the present time the this type of work can be done in factories, but also can be done by each one of us. The woodworking at home it depends on the form that we want to achieve and on their technical implementation.

Types of wood

The hardwood (oak, beech, elm, walnut, hornbeam) was mainly used for making furniture.

The conifers (pine, fir, larch) were mostly reserved for the work and uses less noble.

Exotic woods are the subject of noble import logs, those of less quality are often processed on site including plywood.

The import of it has made overseas in the sixteenth century, this is especially so precious woods such as mahogany, rosewood, and teak, much used in shipbuilding for their qualities beauty and strength.

We can also find some wood derivatives. Here are some examples of it that can be used in building or making decorations: the multilayer plywood; the block board: consist of small blocks of wood; the gleam beams: is formed of laminated wood glued together in parallel, hence the exceptional flexural strength; the particle board (or agglomerated) consists of more or less fine chips, assembled by gluing. The Triple: is formed by bonding three layers of thin strips of pine cross.


Renovation or construction of wooden houses is done in different ways because of the regions and countries, and to everyone's taste. But, nowdays more and more often, people use wood from different corners of the world by buying it from the internet, or through international companies of furniture. Woodworking at home using raw material from all over the world is a new trend in renovation and construction because it is an easy way to obtain very good results with less money and effort.

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