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Key Cutting Machines

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There are more key cutting machines around than I thought at first. I have found six different types. The first one is the old standard that I am most familiar with, a manual key cutting machine. You place a blank on the side with the cutting tool and the key to be copied on the side with the guide. Turn on the motor rotating the spindle holding the cutting wheel. The next step is to move the key over the guide, maintaining even pressure while doing so, till all the excess material on the blank is removed. Finally you need to buff the excess material hanging on the newly made key away so that it will move smoothly in the lock it is meant for. It is important that the blank is the same key type as the key being copied.

With the second key cutting machine I found, another one I have used in the past, the operation is similar. Again the first step is to place the key in the side with the guide and the matching blank in the side with the cutting wheel. From here, the steps are simpler, but still similar. Simply turn the machine on and press the start switch or lever and the key cutting machine will cut the key for you. You still need to buff away the residues left from removing the material from the blank so that it will enter the lock smoothly, but it is simpler to operate than a manual key cutting machine as you do not need to maintain even pressure. This is a semi-automatic key cutting machine. With a fully automatic key cutting machine, the on switch of the motor starts the cutting process also.

A tubular key cutting machine is used to cut the style of key used on soda vending machines. It operates in the same manner as the manual key cutting machines do. A code cutter is the type of key cutting machine lock manufacturers use to make their originals for your locks. You place a blank of the type needed into the slot by the cutting wheel. The next step is to enter the code for the key. This is done either by the use of a code card furnished by the manufacturer or by looking it up in a code book furnished by the lock manufacturer. All codes come from the lock manufacturer. After the cutting, the key still needs to have the excess burrs removed so that the key will enter the lock smoothly. Another version of the code cutter is called a punch code cutter. This key cutting machine operates just to the code cutter, but instead of rotating the wheel to cut the key, a punch mechanism is used. This is used mostly for two sided keys like some automotive keys. Entering the code sets the punch up. After placing the proper blank in position, the use of a lever attached to the machine operates the punch and makes the key. The key will still need some buffing to remove burrs, but less than other styles of key cutting machines. Always remember to wear protective eyewear when operating a key cutting machine to protect your eyes from the metal being removed.

Source by Logan Shidel

How to Send Traffic to Your Website 2 – Paid Methods

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3.1 Social Media

3.2 Build Email List

3.3 Start a self-hosted Website or Blog

3.4 Pay Per Click – AdSense

3.5 Google AdWords

3.6 Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

3.7 Host a Free Seminar and Sell Your Product

3.8 Copy Other Marketers





I am going to outline over six paid methods of getting traffic to your website where you are selling your product.

The website may be a full website, or just a blog, or even a third party website (in which case the company and their affiliates selling your product will do the job for you in their own ways which may or may not include those on discussion here.


  1. To discuss the effective paid methods to generate traffic to your website or blog.
  2. To point out where to start spending your ads budget on paid methods as a beginner.
  3. To provide useful resources (links) to help learners catch on as fast as possible


There actually so many ways of driving traffic which can never be exhausted in our discussion in one chapter. Besides, more new ways are even cropping up almost on a daily basis.

However, one thing is certain, wherever you loaded your product for sell, you will need streams of traffic to appraise your product for possible purchases.

Some of these methods are fast and easy but others will take sometimes to yield returns but you need to apply all of them in your short- and long-term profit planning strategy.

You may also have to experiment on them one after the other to decide which ones are effective in the market niche of your choice.

As stated in the last chapter, it may be after you have made enough cash with the free methods that you may decide to scale up your business using these paid methods. You may also decide to go on the fast lane to success.

Then go ahead with them ab initio if you have a good budget and want a breakthrough as soon as possible.

But until you master them, I have a word of caution here for you.

Take them one after the other, master each one very well before you go on to the next. That way, you won’t burn out your cash too fast without meaningful returns on your investment.

The following are places that you can spend your advertising dollars with good monetary returns.

3.1 Social Media

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube

All the above listed social media have paid as well as free versions of advertising. The good thing about them is that they can be relatively cheaper as well as very effective in terms of returns on investment of the advertising dollars.

Facebook for instance can bring unlimited traffic even for as low as $0.01 cents. And it is very easy to use it.

Browse for FACEBOOK ADS AUTHORITY, learn how to set it up and apply it in your business and you will see steady hike in profits from month to month in your business.

3.2 Build Email List

Frankly speaking, if you are a marketer without an email list you are running a hobby, you are not jet in business.

Well, you can make some money here and there from time to time, but if you want to have steady stream of income from your online business that will give you a decent living, please set up your mailing list as soon as possible. By now, it goes without saying that, money is in the list, I am sure you have heard this many times before.

3.3 Start a self-hosted Website or Blog

By now it must be clear from our discussion that if you have your own product to sale online, it is better to utilize a multi-prong approach to marketing it online.

This means even though you set it up on a 3rd-party website for sell, you should also set up at another website where you are in control of everything. This is a good idea as the other website may de-list your product at any time with or without giving you notice or even explanations.

But at your own website you can set you terms and conditions to suit you, use multi-approach to marketing like OTO, Downsell or Upsell to suit your business whims and caprices. Blogging about your product also provides other streams of income and independent avenues to discuss with your clients. This will provide useful inputs for the revised version of the product.

3.4 Pay Per Click – AdSense

One of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website is by using Google Search Console to submit your URLs. This is an insane way to drive traffic to your website.

It is an insane way because instead of you paying for the traffic, the traffic will be paying to you. Google AdSense when used correctly in this manner, though a free tool, will work inversely to pay you for the traffic that comes to visit your page instead of you paying for it.

See this article and the accompanying links to learn how to set it up correctly for it to bring paying traffic to your website to see your product:

Google ‘Clicks and Impressions Tips to increase traffic to your website’ may also be useful in a way if you care.

3.5 Google AdWords

This is the science of internet marketing advertisement. The method is precision-proven in that it can work in any market niche and in online or offline business.

Perry Marshall is the number one global renowned teacher of this subject you can Google for his free video if you want to know more.

3.6 Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should go beyond free ezines that you are using to submit articles with your review page links and a resource box.

At the professional level, you should be doing serious things such as discussed in this article, and those cited herein.

Kissmetrics also share some insights on ’17 Advanced Methods For Sharing Your New Piece of Content’

3.7 Host a Free Seminar and Sell Your Product

This is the apex of internet marketing and whatever the marketing approach you are using, aim at finally landing at this topmost method, gotomeeting is one of the easiest to use platform.

It is a paid platform, but it also comes with initial 30-days free trial period. You can check online for other platforms.

Though the seminar is meant to be free for attendants, there is nothing that stops you from marketing one or two, usually, the high-end product in your marketing funnel.

Seek some guide if you are not a techie. This approach to marketing can be quite rewarding.

3.8 Copy Other Marketers

One of the beauty of internet business is that trends changes often and can be very swift. The few marketers to learn the new tricks early always benefit immensely. So always keep your fingers crossed and peep from time to time to see what others, particularly, the Masters, are doing in the marketplace.

Sell your products and run your website or blog the way others are doing and you won’t be left behind. The easiest way to do this is to join other peoples’ list, forum, even membership sites where they spill the beans in this business.

This way you can adopt their own approach while also adding your own twixt, specialty and talent to make your methods unique.


The taste of the pudding, they say, is in the tasting. After implementing these simple but powerful methods to rake in profits into your bank account, you are now ready to take your business to the next level – which is Automation.


I carefully decided to outline only these few methods of driving traffic for a good reason: to avoid Information Overload.

As you set out to practice them you will see how powerful these methods are in jumpstarting your business. In fact, you do not need gazillion ways to drive traffic to your website in order to make your business profitable.

Just take one method at a time, master it and then proceed to the next one. You will soon realize from your practical experience that one or two methods are enough to build your business to a profitable level.


Start with Facebook. Learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager to promote your business.

Source by David Udofort

Guide on How to Build a Bed for Yourself

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Whenever you plan for any kind of woodworking at home, you have to plan in before and then start the task. For helping you in the purpose of planning, there are many online sources to assist you in any kind of task that you perform. Due to the availability of numerous plans, the woodworking has not been an impossible task to build a bed. Even though you have many sources for the information like periodicals, etc, you have to priorit the information and then have to collect all the information on how to build a bed.

When you plan on how to build a bed, you have to think some critical aspects like the quality of the wood, size of the room, expenditure, etc. Like a great sofa gives some value to the drawing room, the bed great attraction and great looks for the bed room. Bed room is the place, where one relaxes after a long day of work. This is the place for relaxing and also for discussions between the partners. So, after looking all these aspects, how to build a bed is the most important aspect for making the life happier. We can choose any kind of bed for relaxation, but the main thing is the decoration and the art work that gives a great value to it and keeps the mind relaxing whenever one enters it. In most of the houses, we find the beds for the kids according to their comfort levels and as per the colors that they like.

You may feel great and have some enthusiasm while building the bed for you. Exploring on various kinds of beds and how to build a bed and working on various decorations that you want to make for it is one of the great things that gives you happiness. When you have many options around you, you can build the bed with different ideas that you have in your mind and make your family filled with excitement. You can make the bed according to your comfort like leaving some space for playing for your kids or keeping some shelves for arranging some decorative pieces.

Many experts stress on the facts on how to build a bed is that they want to leave some place for study chairs and tables or for a sofa. Here, it is advisable to keep in some place for these other things when you plan for woodworking in your house. You have to check in before going for purchasing wood. As the quality of the bed should be high and make sure that you check in all details on how to build a bed and then start the work.

Source by John S Evans

Purchasing Carpenter Tools

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Carpenter tools make an idealistic gift for the budding carpenter in your family and it does not even need to be their birthday or even Xmas for you to give it to them. These are great gifts for any time and any budding carpenter will love them as would any experienced carpenter.

Just understand what level of carpentry they are at. For I am sure you want to give them something they will use. The only problem with that though is that if you, yourself are not a carpenter then how do you go about choosing the right tools?

It's not as easy as it might sound, and there are a few things that you should watch out for. The first and number one thing is to watch out for the Unbelievable Bargain. No such thing exists. If it's unbelievable then there's something wrong somewhere. Without of course they are running some type of clearance. Now if you run across a bargain and it's a well known brand you should snap up the tools immediately. Good carpenter tools at bargain prices are rare, so get them when you can.

Pro woodworkers will know what the good tool brands are and will know when to snatch them up and when to run the other way. In the case of the naive gift purchaser though, I would suggest sticking to something you can be assured of even if it's not at the bargain price you had hoped for. Here especially more than anyplace else, the Latin "Caveat Emptor" holds true, purchasers certainly beware of what you're getting yourself into. Good tools are not cheap and experience woodworkers know the difference between a good tool and a poor tool. So, do not try to guess and fool them.

Also if you're purchasing the carpenter tools for somebody who's been at it for quite a hefty sum of time then the last thing that you'll want to do will be to give them lower-ranking grade carpenter tools. Something which comes in a set may be good for the novice who is just starting and then has no clear idea of ​​what they need, but that unquestionably will not do for the experienced carpenter. They need the good tools for several reason and yes one might be for the ego.

These carpenter tools should be of first-class caliber so that the receiver of your gift realizes the time and effort you put into purchasing the perfect carpenter tools for them. For the novice you can purchase them something more sophisticated when they can tell the difference between the tools and when they can feel the difference of holding a good set of carpenter tools in their hands as opposed to the beginner's set you get them!

But if you have trouble deciding which set of carpenter tools to get ask a friendly sales person for advice and more often than not you'll leave the shop satisfied that you came forth with the real thing. You can also buy a gift card to their favorite tool store. You can certainly know the recipient of the gift will be happy for the first class gift you gave them.

Source by Bowe Packer

Workshop Safety is First

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As a hobby or past-time, woodworking has many inherent dangers and that is why workshop safety tops the list.

Just about everything you work with is stronger than your skin and bones including the wood itself. With that in mind, think about the fact that the tools that you use to work with the wood are designed to cut, rip, and otherwise tear this wood.

This is not said to scare you away from woodworking, rather it is just make sure that you have complete respect for the tools you use and the safety in your workshop.

Most workshop safety issues really are not from an accident with a power tool, but they are little things that accumulate over time that involve your eyes, your hearing, and your breathing.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at some workshop safety tips as they relate to your eyes, your ears, and your lungs.

Eye Protection:

When it comes to workshop safety, nothing is more important than protecting your eyes. Woodworking is always going to produce dust and even wood chips that will constantly be flying around. Not wearing eye protection is just not an option. If you do not … it's not a matter of if something bad will happen … it's when.

Safety glasses are easy to have around and they are comfortable to wear. Many of them have open sides to them but protect your eyes from a direct assault. You can find safety glasses with side protection and you probably should because your eyes just are not worth risking.

Goggles offer eye protection that is a level up from the glasses since they fit tightly against your face. Safety goggles can be a bit more cumbersome to wear and have the tendency to fog up if you're sweating or the humidity is high.

Face shields are not necessary for the lion's share of woodworking projects unless you're working with something that really throws chunks of wood around and you need to protect your entire face from getting slapped around with wood chips.

Ear Protection:

Earplugs are easy to find and inexpensive for workshop safety, but getting them to fit properly can be a bit problematic. If they do not completely block your ear canal, then they are not effectively doing their job so make sure you have them neatly fitted.

Ear Covers or earmuffs are devices that cover the entire ear and look very similar to headphones. Ear covers will reduce the damaging noise better that the plugs, but since they fit tightly over your ears they can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear over a period of time.

Lung Protection:
When it comes to workshop safety there is always dust and fumes present in your environment and that's why it is essential to invest your breathing protection.

The quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive are the simple white dust masks that you see all the time in all the home centers and hardware stores. With such protection so easy to find and cheap to buy, you should never be without them.

Respirators not only filter dust, but they filter fumes as well. If you're going to be working with finishes or compounds that produce heavy fumes, then you should invest in an actual respirator device. These can be found at most all home centers.

With workshop safety, when it comes to your eyes, your hearing, and your lungs, there is no excuse not to take the proper precautions. Remember the damage you do will not necessarily be immediate, rather it will be cumulative. The protection is inexpensive and easy to find … so use it.

Source by Jeff Foster

Basic Power Wood Tools

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Power wood tools make life for the woodworker much, much easier. Wood hand tools are great, but the work goes much slower and the energy needed to use them is greater so you tire faster.

Most woodworkers start off with a good selection of hand tools and as their projects become larger, more involved or just because they want to work faster and save time, the wood tools that purchase tend to be the more power driven type.

The most common power driven tools run on electricity, have a cord and are plugged into a wall socket. Other types of power driven tools run on batteries, ie cordless drills and screw-drivers, or gasoline as in large outside saws for sawing lumber. For my woodworking projects, I generally prefer the corded electric tools because I have a hard time remembering to keep the batteries charged.

My two most used and useful power tools are my small portable power saw and my portable power drill. I use these two pieces of equipment on each and every woodworking project. They are indicative. When buying these tools for yourself, look for good quality tools that make it easy for you to change blades or bits and that can be used for extended periods without heating the housing to the point where you can not hold on to it any longer.

Other power wood tools that I've found very useful are:

– Quality Table Saw Of all the stationary woodworking tools, the table saw is probably the most useful. Use it to rip, square, groove, miter, join, and shape your wood. It should have an adjustable blade and a motor that starts smoothly with little vibration and that is heavy-duty enough to cut through dense wood. Do considerable research prior to buying your table saw as there are a number of factors such as safety considerations and ease of use that could make life with your table saw enjoyable or frustrating.

– Circular Trim Saw A versatile tool that can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. They can be used to make cross-cuts (across the grain), rip-cuts (with the grain), and / or depth-cuts (set the blade to cut to a accuracy depth). They can be hand-held or stationary.

– Scroll Saw This saw has limited uses but it's very handy for making small cuts, circular cuts, cutting name plates, etc. The blade brakes easily so you have to go slow and be gentle with the turns that you make. I've found this saw to be most useful for doing intricate inlay work. But even with the scroll saw, you do not want to cut too close to your outline. Leave an edge that you then work down with a sanding tool to get the most precise fit.

When using any of these tools, it's important to wear protective eye gear.

Source by Joyce Zborower

Arduino Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Via Hurimel HS1101 Sensor Interface

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A great option for adding temperature and humidity (and dew point) measure to the Arduino (and freeduino) is to use the Hurimel HS1101 sensor. It is packages as a small board, approximately 1 "x 2" with 4 screw terminals.

The only electrical connections are these 4 – 1 for ground, and 3 I / O pins used on the Arduino – 1 analog and 2 digital. The pin references used in this article are taken from a Freeduino BBB board.

The 4 pins on the Hurimel are THERM, PULSE, GND and V +. Beside a connection to ground on the Arduino, 3 additional pins will be required – an analog and 2 digital pins. One digital pin is used to provide power (+ 5VDC), in this example, pin 2 is connected to the V + screw terminal on the Hurimel. Digital pin 5 can be used to count the pulses, connected to the PULSE screw terminal on the Hurimel. Finally an analog input is required for the temperature reading. Analog pin A5 on the Arduino connected to the THERM screw terminal on the Hurimel. Note that a 10k resistor must also be placed between 5V and analog pin A5 on the Arduino.

In summary, the electrical connections in this example are:

  • Arduino BBB digital pin 2 – Hurimel V + screw terminal
  • digital pin 5 – Hurimel PULSE terminal.
  • GND pin / connection – Hurimel GND terminal.
  • Arduino BBB analog pin A5 – Hurimmel THERM terminal.
  • analog pin A5 – 10k resistor – Arduino BBB GND + 5v DC pin / connection

In a future article, the Arduino source code required to read the temperature, humidity and dew point measurements will be discussed.

Source by Scott Szretter

About Professionalism

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A series of articles related to the furniture, its production, collaboration and everything relevant to it I would like to begin with the question of professionalism. Why specifically with this question I want to begin? To my mind, it is necessary to approach to any handicraft only with attitude of professional approach. It is not worth a matter if there is a slight airy mood. Even very simple things require feedback from those who create them. In this article I'll try to make sense of what professionalism, workmanship is. I also will try to work out a system, which will allow solving many problems related to any handicraft more professionally, handsomely, qualitatively.

Everything with humankind started with stone-ax and a needle of bone. Further a man learned how to get fire and mine metals. The level of professionalism of primitive was, of course, low, but the toolkit was also rather limited. Since that time a great period of time had past and for the present time humankind realized, to my mind, that condition that it is possible to create practically everything and there are all possibilities for that, tools, everything. The information stored so much that it is impossible to encompass it. And if a desire to create something comes to your mind then you understand that that you conceived is possible. But when you take to the matter it turns to be out not so simple. What things do you face more often? You do not know where to start.

How professional things differ from non-professional (artisan, defective)? First of all its forethought. Forethought in everything. Further is, of course, quality of realization. Quality is the consequence of forethought of technological processes and constant control of all stages of realization. Well, what is professionalism:

1. Forethought
2. Quality of realization
3. Control of all processes

So, where to begin that that foretought and do it professionally? Let's begin with visual thinking. We first try to imagine in details (as far as possible) that that we want to make. Then it is very good to fix your idea on the paper. In the kind of sketches, drawings, rough design, notes of thoughts and comments. Through hand and paper your idea will come out, and you will understand more that you want to achieve. Then you should maximally gather information about things alike with our idea. Try to analyze the experience of other people. Looking at the creation of others and being impressed of the best samples, you'll elaborate your idea more critically. I do not mean that you'll be disappointed, just vice versa you'll approach the matter more thoroughly.

When the idea is formed and framed, you can take to the immediate putting of your idea into practice. And you'll have to begin with the drawing documentation. It is important by your own hands and head to work out in advance all the parameters, links, and fittings. It happens very often that even in a very simple product without preliminary collaboration in the drawing mistakes are admissible. Then so called "way out" begins, which is not professionalism. The product comes out to be artisan. When making a drawing it is desirable not to miss even small details. You should not rely upon your intellect power, ignoring thorough collaboration of complex elements. Everything is possible on paper, but when efforts, money, materials spend, and it went wrong, then you will not have anyone to blame.

In order to create quality furniture not just a desire required. You should have drawings of standard furniture. You should also have much useful advice and learn materials about right work with wood. You should take to the creation of furniture only after you would know well all the hints of work with this material.

Not long ago I found a very useful manual, and if you have not made your mind about the design or you are not good at drawing use "Woodworking4Home". You'll find there 14000 drawings of whatever you like.

Of course, the topic of professionalism could be developed broadly. This article is just initial one. I would like to write a series of articles related to furniture. But I decided to begin with this very question about professionalism because I consider it to be a base. Bigger part of problems beginners have related to the unwillingness to learn the experience of others (I'll understand everything myself), and very often reluctance attitude to the labor process as it is. I hope that my texts will awaken at least a part of handicraftsmen, admirer of looking on professionals on the other angle.

Source by David I Thomason

Loft Bed Plans

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Are you looking for a solution to your bedroom space problem?

Among the huge selection of woodworking plans available today are some very unique loft bed plans that are designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.

Do you have a unique bedroom with a small bathroom and a bathroom. Are you sharing a bedroom and want your own space? Going to college?

Every bedroom space is unique and requires good space planning in order to accommodate all your "Stuff". In order to plan your bedroom space, you need to start with the largest piece of furniture in your room, your bed.

Beds come in many different shapes and sizes and most were designed to sit on the floor which can pose a problem if you have limited space. The optimal way to solve the problem of limited space is to get the largest piece of furniture, your bed, off the floor.

Loft beds are unique pieces of furniture, usually custom built to accommodate a special space, that suspend the bed above the floor and allow a usable space below. The are many sources for obtaining loft bed plans and other sources for buying them pre-made. The most common source used is the source that provides detailed plans because as stated above, every space is unique and usually requires some sort of customization to the loft bed design.

But I do not have any woodworking experience.

If you are the do-it-yourselfer type, or even if you are not, you will find that there is some good fun and great satisfaction in building your own woodworking project and using a well detailed set of loft bed plans will really make the experience that much easier.

Get Started Today!

Source by Thomas Cognato

Barn Woodworking Plans – Membership For This and Thousands More

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So you would like to build a Barn.

If you are a woodworking enthusiast, then you are in great company. I am Crispin and I myself have been in love with wood and sawdust since my teens.

There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than being able to produce a functional and beautiful piece of furniture from scratch. I can tell you, the joy of completion is beyond compare and the satisfaction surges up over and over every time you see your creation.

One problem with woodworking projects like building a Barn however, is that you could get all excited and begin you project before you have properly worked out all the details before hand. This could be disastrous.

What you need is to have professional plans so that you can start out with confidence knowing that you will not overlook some vital element. And you should have these plans and an affordable price.

Recently I discovered a wonderful resource called Woodworking4Home which is a literal haven for any woodworker, even if you are an amateur or a seasoned professional. Let me give you three reasons why.

1. All the materials needed for your Barn plan for example is outlined in detail so you should have no difficulty in sourcing and preparing your materials in a systematic manner.

2. The Barn plan is presented in simple and easy to understand English in PDF format, which is compatible with both Window and Mac computers

3. The Barn plan like all 14,000 other plans is very detailed and suitable for most people who are at the beginners or intermediate stage in their woodworking skills.

Of course if you are experienced you will be able to easily modify these plans to suit your needs or circumstances. Please don’t pass up this opportunity to get your Barn plan and get access to thousands more plans for your future woodworking project. You won’t regret it.

Source by Crispin Thomas

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