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Ridgid Tools is the other name for The Ridge Tool Company that is based in Elyria, Ohio. Established in 1920, it was known for its manufacturing of professional plumbing and HVAC tools. It’s now owned by Emerson Electric Company, and recently expanded into the power tool and general purpose hand tool market. Most Ridgid products are covered with a lifetime warranty, thus marking the company as one of the world’s most trusted tool makers today.

Ridgid tools are one among the top choices of professional woodworkers because of its reputation for tool strength and durability, as well as its affordability. Ridge Tools has an extensive line up of woodworking tools for almost any job application demand and job site specification.

In its cordless tool line up are the most common tools being used by home owners and professionals alike, such as the ever popular cordless drill, saw, and sander that provide power and finesse to make all end-products well-made and appealing to the eyes of whomever befalls it. These woodworking tools are great for work shop jobs and at remote job sites in almost any occasion that demands it.

When doing shop work, Ridgid can offer you its varied and highly dependable stationary Ridgid Woodworking Tools. Think about the Ridgid R865 18v Circular Saw, the Ridgid DP 15501 15″ Drill Press, the Ridgid JP06101 6/18″ Jointer/Planer when next time you are planning to do extensive woodworking in your home or job site. These tools are made from the highest quality materials to provide a longer lasting life and serviceability.

You can also rely on with Ridgid cordless hand tools from levels, hammers, hand saws, measuring tapes, and screwdrivers that come in handy tool boxes for easy carrying to remote job sites. Ridgid saws are the best in the power tool category. The Ridgid 14002 14″ Band Saw, or the Ridgid TS 36610 10″ Table Top Saw are great for any professional job needs. Or you can also find some other Ridgid cordless saws with the Ridgid R8841 18/24 volts MaxSelect Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Ridgid R865 18v Circular Saw, and the Ridgid R883 Jig Saw for those cutting needs.

Ridgid Tools are made with the professional and DIY woodworker in mind. That’s why they are designed, developed and engineered to make jobs easier and faster to do. Ridge Tools commitment doesn’t stop with just providing top quality products to the loyal end-user, it also has devoted its product ingenuity and innovativeness to manufacturing Ridgid Power Tool Replacement Parts to ensure all its products stay in top functioning state and usability. With a Ridgid tool in your hands, you know all your job concerns will be readily met and accomplished.

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