Woodworking Ideas, Plans and Projects

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After acquiring the basic tools the some amateur carpenters will struggle to come up with any woodworking ideas to get them started.

The answer is simply to get a set of plans; these will include a wide range of woodworking ideas for the hobbyist to tackle. Plans are available online at a fraction of the cost when compared to buying one blueprint for each project and can be as low as one cent per plan.

With a good set of plans to hand the novice can start small and work their way up as their skills and tool kit increase.

Garden projects are a good place to start and a hammer, saw and screwdriver will be enough to handle most jobs. Items such as bird nesting boxes and bird tables are always in demand and the timber required could be lying in the woodshed.

Take a look at Amazon at the price of a luxury dog ​​kennel or rabbit hutch, these goods are well within the ability of your average handyman and any of these items can be sold to raise funds for larger, more complicated jobs and more woodworking tools ( the wood turning lathe has to be the ultimate goal).

Your woodworking plans should include:

An itemized index – with enough woodworking ideas to last a lifetime

A full list of wood and fixtures – with this information you can work out your costs and buy your timber and hardware with just one visit to your supplier.

Step by step instructions – taking you through the project in logical stages

Illustrations of each stage of construction – so that you double check your progress visually

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