Woodworking Projects – 4 Woodworking Ideas The Whole Family Can Enjoy

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If you find yourself looking for the next “great idea” for your next set of woodworking projects, one great thing to do is incorporate your family into your next build. While some wood projects don’t require much more attention than one person can provide, there are a few wonderful ideas that can engage the whole family. Once completed, not only will you have a great woodworking piece, but you’ll also have plenty of memories to go along with it. Here are a few things you can build that everyone can help with:

Bird House Woodworking Plans

Barring the rare exception, bird houses are one of the simplest woodworking projects around. Most woodworkers would agree that building a bird house is no longer much of a challenge, but you can make the build into a family activity by working with your children to spot the birds in your area, imagine a house they might like, and then build it. You can handle the cutting, but most children will have great fun in drawing the stencils, sanding the wood smooth, gluing it all together, and painting it to look nice.

Playhouse Woodworking Plans

Though a playhouse is a much more complicated and time-consuming wood project, it can be just as much fun as building a bird house. If you have older children in your home, they can help with the planning and foundation phases as well as a bit of the light “hammer and nail” construction, and the younger kids can help with the design, trim, paint, and landscaping. Besides, children will take much better care of a playhouse they helped to build themselves, and they’ll be very happy with the results if they were in on the planning.

Sandbox Woodworking Plans

A sandbox is a classic playground attraction, but who said they had to be boring? Have your kids draw up some sandboxes with unique shapes and sizes and work with them to make these woodworking projects a reality. They can help with placement, paint, and toy selection. This can be taken a step further by enlisting your kids to help with the final laying of the sand and having them bury treasure for other members of your family to find.

Maze Woodworking Plans

Mazes aren’t as commonly found in terms of woodworking projects, but they can be an absolute joy to build. Challenge your kids to design a difficult hand-held maze. Next, help them to cut and place the shapes. When the whole thing is finished, they can have their friends and other family members try to solve the maze by tilting the maze and rolling a marble through it.

Building woodworking projects with your family does have its own unique set of frustrations and difficulties, but it can also be one of the most rewarding woodworking experiences a woodworker can have. Almost any project in your shop could use an extra hand now and again, and if you can instill a passion for crafting with wood into your family you may have more help than you bargained for. You may not end up with the prettiest bird house on the block, but at the very least you’ll have some great memories!

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